November 13, 2014

Funny Outakes

We had our Christmas pictures made a few weekends ago on South Congress with our friends The Sanders. After taking pictures, the girls changed clothes and we did lunch and the candy store before we had to scamper off for Abby's tee ball game. 

These two littles are sweet friends and I know they will be friends for a long time. 

You'll have to wait to see our cards on Christmas day! 

November 09, 2014

Halloween 2014

Abby had an exciting Halloween with her first field trip and first ride on a school bus! Here she is getting on the bus with her classmates for the hour ride to Sweet Berry Farms pumpkin patch.

I was a parent chaperone and assigned to Abby and her friend Brook. These girls ran all over the place- sometimes together and sometimes in opposite directions. How a teacher keeps up with 20 kids is beyond me. How a Mom keeps up with 2 kids is also beyond me!

We have been to the pumpkin patch many times, but as a school group we had special activities and an isolated area. The kids used a wagon to race under this tunnel and pick out their special small pumpkins for painting!

It was a beautiful sunny 80 degrees to be painting pumpkins! Abby used lots of colors and painted a smiley face on each side.

The kids also went on a hay ride and then we went through the maze as a big group. We were led by a Dad chaperone and he got us lost! It was comical!

I had so much fun with them! It was great seeing how Abby interacts with all the other kids. In some ways she is better and in others, not so much. Overall, I know she is normal in her drama!

She came home from school at 3 and I made her take a nap. We had big plans that night to trick or treat with friends from church.She took a great nap, we ate soup and cornbread for dinner, and were ready to go at 7.

Abby was Wyldstyle from the Lego Movie and Marcus was Emmett! She looks mad, but was trying to look mean and official :)

I had to make Abby's costume because we could not find one she liked- all the others were with tutus, etc. In Abby's mind, if Wyldstyle didn't wear a tutu, then she wasn't going to either. So, a wig, some hair extensions, a black hoodie and two rolls of duct tape later and we had a costume! 

We had fun trick or treating with our friends and then the adults passed out candy in the driveway while the girls played inside. Fun day and fun night!


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