April 30, 2008

Sonogram Scheduled

Marcus and I will meet with Dr. Vaughn next Tuesday afternoon (5/6) to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. Very exciting! This appointment will officially tell us if there are 1 or 2 babies. He won't schedule this appointment until the week before because there are so many miscarriages between the first pregnancy test and the 7 week mark. I am thrilled we have made it past this hurdle.
I have to say that I am leaning toward it being twins at this point. My pants are already tight even though I am barely eating and I feel sick pretty much from noon until bedtime. I wore a loose dress today and feel somewhat better. I also am eating lots of peppermints, a suggestion from my Mom. Luckily I still have not thrown up- thank you Jesus! Marcus still thinks it is just one.
My HCG levels did not come back from the lab today, so no new numbers update. If they are above 56,000 they will be considered high.

Cafe Press

If you haven't checked out Cafe Press, I highly recommend it. You can punch in just about anything and they will have hundreds of images saved in your chosen category. Then, pick an image you like and you can save it on a t-shirt, mousepad, coffemug, thong, apron, etc. I have a cute brown cupcake t-shirt and Marcus has some World of Warcraft goodies.

I decided to enter "Maternity" and see what cute t-shirt options they had. They are so many to chose from, I welcome your suggestions.

1. Watermelon Smuggler
2. I swallowed a watermelon seed.
3. Say Hello to my little friend.
4. ... all I wanted was a backrub.
5. I grow people. What is your super power?
6. Does this baby make me look fat?
7. Loading... (with that computer icon you get when it is thinking)
8. I'm bringing sexy back, in a couple of months.
9. I think I might be pregnant. (would be funny in months 8 and 9)
10. No Touchy.
11. ... my lovely baby bump (sing along with Fergie)
12. I may be huge, but at least I don't say stupid things to pregnant women.
13. Shopping for Two.
14. I drank the water. ( I am the 11th pregnancy in our church group)
15. do my shoes match?
16. Out of difficulties grows miracles.
17. What happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay in Vegas. (not appropriate for me, but funny!)
18. Totally planned (with a picture of a 60's woman all put together)
19. If you didn't put this baby in here, then don't even think about touching my stomach.
20. I'm expen$ive.

April 29, 2008

A Tuesday Haiku

I drive east to work
Every morning the same thing
The sun in my face

Its actually not too bad...just distracting....but I get a lot of distractions during my driving...like this...

Are you kidding me....? its like 1908 meets 2008.
By the way...you see that bumper in front of me...we were at a light...so that is why it looks close and I am taking pictures!

April 28, 2008

Backyard BBQ

We invited over some friends on Saturday afternoon to break in the new house. It was a great day to sit in the backyard with a burger and our good friends.

Since our new house has a gas grill hook up and our propane pit couldn't convert safely, a new gas grill was purchased. Lowe's is running some great sales on grills to get you ready for summer.

Here is Marcus' team from work enjoying the cool air inside and the NASCAR race and NFL draft.

The cat did NOT like 40 people at her house. She was hiding all day. Finally, she snuck out to use her litter box and then was trapped by Blythe, Conner and David. She broke free shortly after we snapped her picture. If you know Jean Grey, you'll be relieved to know that no children were harmed on Saturday. :)

This is Marcus and Kiersten. He spent some time feeding and entertaining a 3 month old. It looked pretty easy! We laughed because there were 12 kids at the party under the age of 6. 10 of those 12 were girls! Goodness!

April 25, 2008

Maternity Clothes

My big bargains from Target, Gap and Old Navy came in this week. It was scary to look at them and think of how large I might become. Some of them look huge. Note, the tubs in the closet are baby clothes from Kyleigh and Cohen, not all clothes for me.

One shirt, an XL Maternity from Target, DID NOT fit me right now. It looked small, so I pulled it out and tried it on. No room to grow. What were they thinking? Both the tag on the shirt and the attached brand tag said XL. I'll be returning that one!

I love this green sweater from Old Navy. I plan to try it on once a month so we can all watch me become the Jolly Green Giant! It is way too big right now in the chest, stomach and it super long!

Look for another Jolly Green Giant post in early June!

April 24, 2008

Answer Away...

It was fun to answer your questions this morning! Good ones my friends!

from Erica:
What is the most money you have ever spent on a pair of shoes? I rarely spend more than $80 on a pair of shoes, but I fell in love with a pair of brown sandals on Zappos a few years ago. I used bonus money to buy them for $159. The heel has since broken off. More money is not necessarily better quality!

How did you meet Marcus? I met Marcus September 25, 1994 when I was interviewed to be on the Angelo State University Student Senate. I made the senate, but Marcus did not vote for me. He thought I was too hyper.

What is it about "Taco Bueno" that you like so much? Isn't it a glorified Taco Bell? I am a nacho girl and have eaten them at both places. The Bueno has real lettuce and tomato and tortilla chips like you buy in the store. The queso is runny and the meat is much like taco meat. Taco Bell feels much more processed and is missing the lettuce and tomato. And, it is squirt cheese!

What is your degree? I have a BA in Communications and Government from Angelo State University and an MA in Communication and Higher Education from Texas Tech University. I wanted to be a collegiate social counselor- freshman training, homecoming planning, etc.

I love all of the Texas stuff in your house... what is your most prized Texas memorabilia? I most love the red star antique chest in my entry way. It was my first "antique" purchase at Wimberley Market Days. It took everything my girlfriend and I had to stuff it into my little sports car at the time.

The best Texas thing I have been given in the rifle in Marcus' office. It belonged to my maternal grandfather.

Where did you get the chandelier in your craft room? My chandelier is from Lowes. It was just $29 more than the ceiling fan we had picked out.

from Kristi:
What names do you have picked out for boy and girl? When it takes you four years to get pregnant, you talk about and think you have secured a name for every scenario. Now that it is more serious, we talk about a lot of different names. For girls, we like Amelia (Millie), Abigayle (Gayle is my middle name and my fathers), and I like Elliana because it means "my God answered". I get chill bumps thinking about the meaning of that. My God who I have a relationship with answered me. We would call her Elli or Lilly because I like those better than the full name. For boys, we have always wanted Noble. It is Marcus' Mom's maiden name.

If twins what will their names be? I think Millie and Lillie or Milly and Abby would be cute. If we have two boys I will need help. Noble is the only name we ever could really agree on.

from Susan:
If you knew at the very beginning of this "baby" process that it would take you all this time and money, would you just go and adopt? Part of the 4 year process was Marcus and I praying what direction to go. I really wanted to adopt more than go through IVF. It isn't the being pregnant part that appealed to me. I wanted a child NOW. Marcus really wanted a child that came from us biologically. I am glad we went through infertility because it opened up so many doors to my relationship with God and gave me a forum to discuss his love that I had never had. So no, we would do it all over again.

If you win the lottery, what would you buy? I would pay for all of the things I have already bought. I would drive a silver BMW X5 and I would own all of those high end purses I only dream of- Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Burberry.

from Stormi:
Have you thought about how you will decorate the baby's room? Yes, and I actually own some of the stuff to do it in! I want a Raggedy Ann and Andy room with stars and wagons, old teddy bears, etc. It would be red, navy and khaki with beadboard, etc. If I am having two girls, then I will likely ebay what I have and go all out girly!

What about working after the baby gets here? Will you be a working mom or SAHM? I will keep working. I like my job and it isn't a big strain on me, so I think I can do both. Let's hope my salary covers more than just childcare!

Secretly are you happy for morning sickness because you get sympathy from Marcus and others? I think Marcus will have sympathy for me no matter what. For example, I really like my sleep and my sweet tea and since sleep is getting harder already (pee in the night, dreams, worrying) and sweet tea is not a daily option (come on Sonic, you have every other drink in the book, sell decaf tea!) and he is being really sweet about that. I don't want to throw up- I have only done it 2 or 3 times in my life and the thought of it is hard to bear. I will be such a baby.

How many pairs of shoes do you own? I did some cleaning out when we moved, I would guess 125-150 now. Again, Dear God, please don't change my shoe size like you did Debra. If you must, please give me the funds to buy new shoes. Marcus made a joke I would be walking around in Walgreens flip flops. Nice!

Anyone else want to open themselves up for questions? I'll be happy to ask away!

April 23, 2008

Bloodwork Upate

I gave blood this morning and all is well! I am 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant.
I have felt better in terms of nausea more often than not. My levels look good. I may be feeling better because we lowered my progesterone dosage which is good news. I am hoping my nausea is related to progesterone and not morning sickness. The progesterone goes away soon, the morning sickness could go on for months.
HCG Levels= 11,499
The nurse said this did not indicate one or two at all. However, the link above shows I am still running high. It is is not twins, the numbers are really strong for a single child which indicates a positive reaction from my body. Go Anna's Body!
We get to continue nightly shots on my reduced dosage until Saturday and then stop. I'll give blood again on Wednesday to make sure my body has taken over the production. I am glad this number went up from last week even though my medication dosage went down. Good signs!

Fun with Fondue

Last night we had a girls night at my house with our church group. Everyone brought something to dip into the super easy fondue recipe that Lauren found for me.
Easy Fondue
1 part preium chocolate chips (I used 10 oz. Ghiradelli Bittersweet chocolate)
1 part whipping cream (not the heavy)
Mix and melt.
Not only did the dip everything under the sun in chocolate, including a potato chip Heather!, but we got to scrapbook and make fun cards with the collection of scraps I have. It was fun to entertain in the new house- as expected, everyone stood around the kitchen most of the night. What is it about a kitchen- we had big comfy couchs and chairs in sight and we stood on hard tile all night?

April 21, 2008

Everyone Wants to Know...

Everyone wants to know.... how I am feeling?
The best way to describe it is that I am keenly aware of my stomach. I have never been an upset stomach girl and so far, thank God, I am not throwing up. However, I definetely know when my stomach is processing food and it has no problem telling me if I have done something it does not like, i.e. Chuy Gooey at lunch on Friday. Why did I think a big bowl of queso, refried beans, taco meat, lettuce, tomato and guacamole would be good? (PS- I highly recommend it if your stomach is stronger than mine!)
I have felt this way since the embryo transfer. It could be nerves, the progesterone or morning sickness. Typically, morning sickness does not kick in until 6 weeks, but everyone is different. My progesterone injection amount was cut in half on Saturday and on Sunday I had to call the IVF nurse because I felt worse. They are allowing me to take some OTC medicine which I appreciate. I am trying to drink lots of water and Gatorade as she prescribed. I am working from home today to protect my dignity- if I get sick, I'd like to be at home and not in the puiblic work restroom!
I'll let you know Wednesday if I am off progesterone and if I feel better.
Oh, and one more thing, maternity shopping is a whole new level of shopping. Since I know so early, I have taken advantage of winter clearance maternity shopping online at Old Navy, Gap, and Target. I have gotten 15 items for around $150! Score! I recognize I will not need them for some time, but am happy to have them awaiting my new body when it arrives. If something happens, I will be able to return it all and have a pity shoe shopping spree!

Ask Away

My girlfriend Erica has tagged me to answer any questions about myself from the blogger readership. Have fun with it- ask me about my life, childhood, pregnancy, church, job, etc.

I'll answer the first 5 questions I receive honestly later this week.

Have fun!

April 20, 2008

Happy St. Mize Day!

Last night we celebrated Matt's 30th birthday at Salt Lick. The BBQ was great- I covered my meat requirement for the day!

Tabriah, Matt's wife, and I have been friends since elementary school and we used to live in the WB with them. We moved before Trading Spaces accepted our application to remodel each other's home!

Matt is a big Notre Dame fan- it runs in his family. Tabriah being the cool wife, gave him a ND-themed birthday party. Check our the 3-D cake of Matt as the ND icon. Not only was the cake huge and pretty, it tasted good!

As if the cake was not enough, to keep our drinks cold, Tabriah had koozies made with Matt's face super imposed as the ND icon. Wow! It looks just like Matt. The other side had a big M for Matt and the numbers 3-0.

Thanks for including us and for a great time Mr. & Mrs. Mize!

April 17, 2008



Anna got knocked up! Oh man...........I mean, all the other stuff just didnt feel REAL until the $10 pee test gave us the plus sign....now its real!!!!

New Baby Button

My super talented girlfriend Erica made me this "button" for my baby updates. I'll get to use it now instead of the old TFC logo or the random cute baby Google images gives me. She makes all kinds of beautiful digital scrapbook pages, invitations, cards, etc.
BTW, according to the artist, the blue and pink both appear because it is still way too early to know what we are having, not because Erica thinks we are having one of each.
Thanks Erica for sharing your talents with me!


Last night I was reading about the food I should be eating to support baby-making and was a bit overwhelmed. I have bad eating habits, I recognize this. I want to be healthy for my embryo. I am a picky eater. All of this together was overwhelming.

The book gave examples of the various food groups that I should get a set number of servings from. I was amazed the edamame appeared in almost every good food group. We happened to have had it for dinner last night and I got it to go with my lunch at Pei Wei today. I had no idea those little beans pack so much goodness.

After dining on my edamame, I cracked open my fortune cookie and could not believe my eyes:

Side 1- A dream you have will come true.

Side 2- Taught me the chinese (I am assuming) way to say children.

Wow! Thank you Pei Wei to go man for picking the perfect fortune for me.

My Fire Bowl fortune last week when dining with my friend Jessica said that something I have been waiting for a long time will be mine soon. The world according to fortune cookies is ringing true for me.

April 16, 2008

Numbers Look Good!

My HCG is now 992 which is right on track for doubling in 48 hours. That means the poppy seed sized baby is growing at a normal pace. It is also a good number to indicate one poppy seed!

My progesterone is also good and we get to back off on the injections. We'll still do everynight, but it will 1/2 as much starting on Saturday. I also don't have to give blood again until next Wednesday when they will check all of the numbers again. Yea!

Baby Update

Monday night by doctor called me personally to congratulate me. Amazing- I just adore him. How nice that he calls and congratulates his patients. I, in turn, congratulated him. I am happy to help the TFC statistics on IVF.

He is having me continue on progesterone shots. My number is good, but we want to keep it that way, so I'll keep on with nightly shots until he recommends otherwise.

I stopped by their office yesterday to get a stack of lab slips and gave blood this morning. We'll know later today how my HCG is doing (we hope is doubled since Monday) and if my progesterone is picking up and shots can be tapered off.

The next appointment with them should be my ultrasound in about 3 weeks. At that time the baby/babies will have a heartbeat and we'll know if it is one or two. I added a poll on the blog so that everyone can vote. Let's see what the people think we are having. Some things to help you in your voting:
  • My HCG was 423 at 14 days. I have seen online where that is within range for 1 baby and where that is extra high.
  • I have been upset at my stomach for 2 weeks now. It could be nerves, progesterone or the pregnancy. It is not just in the morning. Higher HCG levels often lead to greater sickness.
  • Twins do run in my family on my generational line; however, one could say that IVF would be the cause and not family history.
  • I read somewhere that 35% of IVF patients have twins. Some of that can be caused by the brave brave women that implant more than 2 embryos.
  • I dreamed about twins last night and could see the sonogram picture with 2 white embryos.
  • Mitch, Andrea, and Brandy have openly admitted to me that they are secretly praying for twins. There could be more of you!

Have fun voting!

April 14, 2008

God is Good!

I am super excited to report that it worked! Marcus and I are blessed with a pregnancy! We are awaiting more information from the doctors about things like due dates, upcoming appointments, progesterone shots, etc. So, we don't know much more.
I do have to admit we feel pretty silly to be reporting a pregnancy so very early. We technically would be considered 4 weeks at this point. So, we will continue to pray and now can pray for the health and safety of our little embryo that the Lord has given us to grow. Your prayers are so very appreciated and we will continue to accept them as we know how much we need Him.
It scares me to say that my HCG levels are super high! They can't call twins for a few more weeks, but 5-100 is considered good. Higher levels indicate multiples. My level was 423!
My progesterone levels are also good so that means that the baby is clinging to a thick and healthy wall. I'll know later tonight if it is good enough to get me off the shots.
I love you all for loving us so much the past couple of months and am so grateful for the prayers of so many of you. I'll keep everyone updated as we learn more details.
Anna and Marcus

Still Waiting...

I am quite sure today will be a record hits day for the blog. I appreciate all of the phone calls and emails. Here is how today works....

I gave blood at 7:45 AM. The blood is sent to the lab by 9:00 AM and called into my physician this afternoon. They will then call me. Normally, they call after 3:00 PM.

I have fought the temptation and not done a urine pregnancy test at home. It can be wrong- not enough HCG in my system yet or false HCG levels from my medicines. We din't want to get our hopes up or down with a test we can't trust.

HCG is the pregnancy detector as it is released from a placenta inside the woman. The number today for a positive result is 5-100. If healthy, the number will double regularly. HCG is what usually causes morning sickness. It stops it's doubling after 14 weeks when sickness often subsides. If the number is high, it will give us an indiciation if we have 2 placentas working, aka twins!

I will also be given my progesterone levels over the phone. Based upon that number, we will know if the shots will continue or if last night was the last shot. Marcus is praying the shots are over!

Thank you all for your continued prayers, heartfelt emails and phone calls. I promise to do a mass email and posting as soon as we know.

The Big Day

Today is the big day as we hope our lives go from dreaming about being pregnant to actually witnessing the miracles that come from being pregnant.

When Marcus and I were talking with our Sunday school teacher last night, he asked if we are prepared for what may come today, the news that it did not work. We have talked about this so much that I want everyone to know that I am ready for the news either way.

Throughtout this 4 year journey that really kicked into high gear 6 months ago I have watched God do amazing things in our life. Here are a few:
  • I have learned to pray with passion.
  • I have seen Him alter our finances, jobs, and insurance with the most heaven sent timing.
  • I have learned that God has a plan for my life and it will be bigger and grander than the plans I have for myself.
  • I have been able to share my faith with so many people.
  • I have reached out to other women struggling with infertility and hopefully given as much as I have received.
  • I have learned to swallow pills and inject myself with needles. It is not nearly as bad as the internet made it out to be.
  • I have grown closer to my husband when most couples (like 70%) divorce because of infertility.
  • I have been able to take the time to discuss parenting with my husband before the stress of a child arrives.

I hope with all my heart that I have exciting news to share later today, but I also know that if the answer is "no, not this time" that it means that God is still working through Marcus and I and he isn't ready yet. He knows that we are strong enough to handle it and we will continue to praise Him in this storm! We became Christians 6 months before we started trying to have a baby and I can't imagine going through this without God holding our hand.

Until next time....


April 13, 2008

Great Day Outdoors

I am an inside girl, but when the weather is as nice as it was on Saturday, I was happy to spend it outdoors. Marcus and I made a day trip to Marble Falls for food and shopping.

Of course, we ate at Bluebonnet Cafe, known for their mile high meringue pies. We shared a slice of pecan, Marcus' favorite. I was really there for the chicken fried steak alone.

After our early lunch, we walked Main Street and did a little shopping. Marcus stayed outside of a few girly stores to take pics of the local art including this very small man on his very small horse.

I went inside a bead store and discovered a Shitzapoo named Squishy. While I shopped, Marcus and Squishy tore up his toys in the name of fun. We'll have to go back just to see the dog again.

After Marble Falls, we met up with some friends for a late afternoon day at the park. We were saying goodbye to some great friends David and Lori who are moving north soon. Marcus enjoyed playing a game of 3-on-3 while I chatted at the picnic table with the girls.

It was a great day filled with fun to keep our mind off the big test tomorrow morning. I am ready!

April 11, 2008

and my truths and a lie...

So Anna did hers earlier.....here's my five truths and a lie...
1. I have juggled before with Barnum and Bailey Circus.
Back in high school, I won a contest to get to meet with the clowns of B&B and get made up as a clown... Once I got there, they learned I could juggle, and I got to perform in the show that night.
2. As a teenager, with my long flowing wavy perm, and fresh face, I was once mistaken for a girl.
What a cruel, cruel, irony. But true
3. At a resturant, I once stole the glass that George Lucas was drinking from.
If this had been true, it would have been followed up with 'which I sold on eBay.'
4. I once hit a tee shot on a par 3 that landed 8 inches from the pin.
And i made the birdie putt. The rest of the day was horrible.
5. If the baby thing didnt work out, my Plan B was going to be to buy a top of the line Alienware gaming computer and name it HAL. (these are $9K computers.) I also believe that this would make me better AT the games I play...right?
6. I have a Masters in Philosophy specializing in education, and the 'knowledge versus learning' question. With a degree like this, how could I not go into Electronic Component Distribution?
Ones a lie...the rest....dead on.
And this was the most dignified pic I could find to post...

April 09, 2008

Threading or Waxing?

Has anyone ever heard of eyebrow threading? I had no idea there was such a thing, but two girls in my office swear by it and they both have nice brows. I have an appointment tomorrow, so we'll see.

It uses thread to "rapidly pluck" multiple hairs at one time and allows for a more precise and clean brow than waxing. My brows have not been touched in ages, so anything will look better.

April 08, 2008

UPDATE: The Unimportance of Being Me

... with an old headshot for fun :)

My girlfriends have tagged me to list 5 truths and one lie about myself. Feel free to guess the lie! Mom, you are disqualified.

1. I had a large collection of western jeans and boots in high school. TRUE! I was even a stock show queen! I had goats, sheep and rabbits!

2. Although not Catholic, I regularly participate in lent. TRUE! It is good to sacrifice no matter your religion. I have given up shoes, Zappos, and caffeine in recent years.

3. My eBay account includes over 200 transactions. FALSE! I don't shop that much people!

4. I have won both the President's Award and the Meeting Planner of the Year award for central texas. TRUE! I volunteered a whole lot of time to Meeting Professionals International when I won the award.

5. I can not ride a bicycle. TRUE! Everyone came to our house growing up because we had a pool. I tried to learn in college, but it is much harder as an adult and scrapped knees are not cool.

6. If this baby thing doesn't work out, I want a Pontiac Solstice with the license plate "Plan B". TRUE! A bright red shiny one without a top!

Have fun guessing! And, Stormi, Caroline, Annie, Meg and Debra, you are up!

April 07, 2008

haiku to Monday....

I need this coffee
Starbucks to the rescue now
Dang lid spilled my drink

Any one have any good ones?

April 06, 2008

Our New Neighborhod Park

My Mom brought Cohen up to see us Saturday afternoon. The kids were sad our new house was not going to have stairs, so we told them they could walk to the park from our new house and they remembered! Within minutes of his arrival, we were off to the park with Cohen. He brought these big bubble wands for us to use!

The neighborhood park is within walking distance and is nice. It is much smaller than the Wells Branch park we had at the old house, but is newer and likely safer! Cohen thought the slide was too hot, so he spent more time chasing bubbles.

Although it looks like he is using the restroom, Cohen is actually blowing on the flowers!

While we were gone, Jean Grey enjoyed some peace and quiet by nestling under the couch's cover and catching up on her sleep. You can barely see her!

Friday's Home Confinement

Friday was a great day to be stuck at home. During my usual morning commute time, I was awakened by hail! Thank goodness Greta was safe in the garage and I was warm in bed!

Thanks for everyone who checked on me- I feel a little sick at my stomach still, but I think it is because of the 7 pills per day and nerves.

April 03, 2008

Pictures of our Embryos

Here they are- these are the 2 eight chromosome embryos that were placed in me this morning. We had 6 embryos available and Dr. Vaughn chose these because they were the right developmental stage for implantation.

This process was so exciting. On a large plasma TV we saw Kelley, the embryologist show us the petri dish with our name on it and then the embryos. We then saw her inject the catheder and suck up the embryos. Seconds later, she walked into the room with the catheder and handed it to my doctor.

This picture if a print out from the sonogram machine. There was a machine on my stomach that helped Dr. Vaughn see where to go with the catheder.

If you blow up the picture, look on the middle left side. You will see a rainbow shape or a horseshoe. There is a little white dot on the top of the horseshoe. That white dot is the bubble holding the embryos.

After the procedure was over, I was transferred over to the patient waiting area and had to lay flat for 45 minutes. The remaining 4 embryos are being watched and I'll get a call on Monday to let me know if they can be frozen. Ideally, we are able to freeze them in case we have problems with this pregnancy or to use for a second child down the road.

Thank you all for your calls, emails, texts, and comments on the blog. Marcus and I truly feel like God is hearing our prayers and feel so very loved by everyone. We have amazing friends and family walking down this path with us. We are very very blessed.

Pictures from our Transfer

Here are Marcus and I all decked out in our gear before going into the surgical room. I'm thinking our child might need glasses :)

Marcus and I were having fun killing time. He posed as a Doctor and a lunch lady. The hat is so becoming on me.

Part of the $6,000 bill for today included a fancy new pair of booties. I can't wear shoes or be barefoot for the procedure. I was pretty excited they chose pink booties for my room. Hmmm, what do they know?

Let's just hope Marcus' blue shoe covers don't mean a boy to go with my pink bootie!

This is my favorite t-shirt that references a scripture that means so much to me...

For your created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother's womb.

The next two weeks we are asking God to knit our embryo in my womb. Because my body didn't elect to be pregnant, my womb may not be ready and my hormones may not produce at the level of a "normal" pregnant woman. So, the next 2 weeks are crucial. We pray that God wraps his arms around our embryos and holds them close.

Our pregnancy test will come in 11 days- 11 is my lucky number :)

Oh So Bueno!

That my friends is a Taco Bueno Nacho salad and I did not have to drive to Waco to get it. Life is good!

Shot Report

All good- your prayers are working. I had my first progesterone shot last night and it was not nearly as bad as I had imagined it would be. I was all prepared with a big pillow to squeeze and muffle my yell, but none of it was needed. It really just felt like when you give blood. The IV for the retrieval was much worse that the progesterone! Afterward, we walked to the mailbox as instructed and I have no pain, knot or soreness this morning.

Here is my schedule for the day:

9:45- Eat a big breakfast, take 2 pills, drink a full glass of water

10:15- Arrive at Austin IVF, take a Valium and a full glass of water, hear report card on embryos, decide which to inject, drnk lots of water to fill up bladder

11:15- Transfer procedure is done. It is said to be painless, quick and easy. I'll get pictures!

12:15- Allowed to leave Austin IVF.

12:30- Pick up lunch on the way home, take 1 pill

1:00- Begin home confinement. I plan to watch my movies, scrapbook and shop online!

5:00- Eat dinner, take 2 pills

6:00- Progesterone shot

9:00- Have nuts and cheese for snack, take 1 pill

It is going to be a great day!

April 02, 2008

Tomorrow is the Day!

I am scheduled to get my little embryos back tomorrow morning! Yea! Unbelievable how much you can already feel for these little microscopic beings sitting in a cold glass dish that I have never even seen.

Today I started my hatching medicines, which consist of an antibiotic 2x per day (to prevent infection) and Medrol 4x per day. I had to reserach Medrol and it is taken to prevent a "hostile" uterus. That makes me laugh! I am a friendly girl, I have lots of girlfriends. I am nice to strangers. I smile a lot. I am not a hostile person. Let's hope my uterus is friendly also and welcomes our little embryos to stay a while.

Tomorrow, we will receive pictures of the embryos when they are injected. I'll be sure to share!

April 01, 2008

Marcus and Anna plus Six?!?

I just spoke to my doctors and of the 7 eggs they retrieved yesterday, 6 of them fertilized! That is a great number to start with and a great number to fertilize! We have options!

To get them to fertilize, they performed a procedures called ICSI. I am so grateful for all of your prayers, for my courageous husband and for the wonderful doctors and staff that are literally making our dreams come true!

Tomorrow I start 6 pills per day and the big mean progesterone shots. Keep Marcus and I in your prayers as these shots are the dreaded ones he must administer into my muscle. I have read lots of information about them online and they are said to really hurt. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Everything looks to be on track for the transfer to happen (with pictures of our embryos!) on Thursday. I'll get another fertilization report on Thursday morning and we'll know what the doctor recommends we implant. Please continue to pray for a single child! :)



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