April 22, 2014

annaisgrateful- week sixteen

Easter Sunday was a wonderful service reminding us that Jesus did indeed rise and he now wears the crown of glory at the right hand of God. I am so grateful for His sacrifice and perfect love that He would die for me and my sins.

Good Friday was lots of fun as we hosted our annual egg hunt in the backyard. I am grateful for a little extra family time that morning before our 60 little friends arrived.

Saturday afternoon we had no plans and went to nearby Round Rock for snow cones. We have not been in at least a year. They were still yummy (and still messy)!

I tried this at Target while walking around and it is really good! It is a nice alternative to tea for me in the morning. It is a mix of water, sugar, orange juice and blood orange juice. Nothing fake in it- even the coloring comes from vegetables and natural spices. 

My child LOVES rolly pollies and we are grateful Spring is here and these little guys are back in our neighborhood.

Last Wednesday we registered Abby for kindergarten and on the same day had her end of year preschool assessment. She is great academically and still needs to mature a little socially. You know things like sharing, listening, doing what the teacher says when you don't want to. Real life stuff! I am grateful for a good report and her ability to learn. 

I love clean sheets! I once read that Oprah sleeps on clean sheets every every day. If I were super wealthy, I would totally have clean sheets that often. Last night I was grateful to get into bed with fresh clean sheets!

Have a grateful week!

April 17, 2014

Easters Past

In honor of Good Friday and our annual Easter Egg Hunt this morning, here are a few Easter shots from years past. Oh how I love watching this girl grow!


I look sleepy :)


2011- my all time favorite dress Abby has ever worn.


2013- a little bit sad (and dramatic) that her Easter party had ended and her friends were gone. 

We are looking forward to another wonderful Easter with an egg hunt, pastel smocked dress, and the chance to better understand Jesus' love for us and his sacrifice on the cross.

Happy Easter!

April 16, 2014

Grateful- Week Fifteen

Monday was a winter day in the middle of April. It was cold and rainy so I was so glad my only agenda item was the grocery store. I love being home on a rainy day!

Friday was just the opposite- sunny and filled full of errands in my 5 hours Abby was at school. She is an awesome little shopper and quick and enjoyable, but that day, I was grateful for school so I could pack it all in!

We spent Saturday morning at our friend Michael's tee ball game! It was so much fun to watch him and to see Abby cheer for him. We work really hard with her on how to be a friend and she did a great job. Michael and Abby have been friends since birth and I'm grateful they still see each other!

Sunday's message at church focused on the crown of thorns Jesus elected to wear and die for the sins of me and you. It was a wonderful reminder of the sacrifices he made. I am so grateful He died for me.

Thursday was Abby's program at our bible study. I can't say enough wonderful things about CBS and all she has learned. These little preschoolers got on stage and sang songs, called our Bible verses and sang the books of the Bible in order. It was impressive!

The other night while dinner was cooking, Marcus and Abby played with princesses on the back patio and I snapped a picture. I hope Abby knows how lucky she is to have a Daddy that knows her toys by name and plays along with her so well.

Finally, we had a big day on Tuesday. Abby mastered a gymnastics move called "skin the cat". It has been her little nemesis! She finally did it and came running out to tell me all about it. Big progress for my little scaredy cat!

April 13, 2014

Baseball Weekend

On Saturday morning we watched our buddy Michael play in his tee ball game. Abby did a great job cheering for him and listening as we talked about the game with her.

It sparked a conversation with Marcus and I about what sport would we be okay spending every weekend watching. Softball is my vote and basketball is his. So, Saturday afternoon he stopped in Wal-Mart and bought Abby a glove and a tee ball.

This evening we played a little throw and catch. She is much better than I thought she would be. We have always known she could throw- she throws hard, high and overhanded. She is quick and has decent aim. This was her first attempt at catch and with a glove and she did well. She caught it a few times and even played catched and stopped a bouncing ball a few times. We would count to 5 and she most times had it picked up, thrown and back in Marcus' glove in 5 seconds.

It was fun and I think softball would be a good sport for her. She is tall and strong and can throw. She isn't one to run much and we both aren't interested in volleyball.

Youth league this summer? Hmm....

April 11, 2014

Books of the Bible Video

Abby and I attend a Community Bible Study program on Thursday mornings. It has been great for helping me focus in on one book of the Bible and really work through all that is inside that book, but more than that, it has been amazing for Abby!

She has been in church all her life, done VBS, Awanas, and kids choir, but nothing has taught her the Bible as well as the CBS program. The stories are brought to life- they aren't told or colored on a sheet of paper.

These kids have been disciples and packed a bag and traveled the dessert (parking lot). They have made whales from milk jugs and tried to get Jonah (bean bag) out of the whale. Today, they had palm leaves and fabric cloaks and made yard stick horses to enter as Jesus did.

She has learned multiple Bible verses, the books of the Bible, people from the Bible, and so many songs. We play the 41 songs on our CBS CD daily and she knows most of them by memory. 

I sure wish I had enrolled her earlier! 

Here is the end of year video of the kids all singing the Old Testament books in order. It is impressive!

April 10, 2014

Mayfield Park

Abby and I met a few friends at Mayfield Park on West 35th street for a picnic lunch this week. It was outside our bubble and there were no swings or slides at this park, but we had a great time. I loved teaching Abby about peacocks, and fish, and flowers, and all that God has made in our world.

She fed the fish old bread.... until we were told it makes them sick. 

It is mating season for peacocks so we saw lots of males strutting their stuff on the grounds! Luckily we didn't have to teach the girls about the "birds and the bees".

There were also lots of pretty flowers!

Abby said the purple tulip was her favorite and she had to have a picture of it. 

There was also lots of sunshine and lots of cute girls!

This is McKenna and we have a special bond. I love this little girl and she is so sweet with me. She is 100% spunk and makes me laugh! Her Momma is busy and blessed with this one!

Gorgeous park on a pretty-sunshine-filled day is a great day!

April 08, 2014

Anna Is Grateful

I have been doing weekly grateful posts on my craft blog and decided they should be here, too!

I am grateful for so many things- here is a glimpse of my week.

I am grateful to be past the baby stage of parenting, despite the super cute little shoes and clothes I always see. Abby is so independent and most days, I am really appreciative she is not a toddler anymore. 

I felt just awful last Thursday and was so grateful this text conversation led to my husband coming home within 20 minutes with lunch for Abby and working from home so I could sleep. I rarely have stomach issues and just don't handle them well at all. 

Friday I had lunch with a friend I've had since elementary school. We were college roommates and only live about 10 minutes from each other. But, kids and school schedules get in the way and I haven't seen her in months. This was my birthday card- so funny and so me. I'm grateful to have a friend of more than 20 years still in my life!

Saturday was Round Top- a semi-annual antiques show in a town about 2 hours away. I was so grateful to have some friends join me- it was their first time! Walking through junk in a field on a windy day isn't for everyone. I'm glad I have friends that like it too.

I love dinner parties because it gives me an excuse to bake! Dinner? Sure, I'll bring a cobbler!

I am grateful that for today I have a clean car! Hooray for that! Something about clean hub caps and shiny black tires makes a car look brand new again!

 Have a great week- be grateful!

April 01, 2014

Obligatory Bluebonnet Pictures

There is a great field of bluebonnets behind Abby's school so we snapped a few pictures today.

She has grown a little since last year's picture :) We've lost that chubby round baby face and little fat fingers! Those shoes have since been donated and we've moved up 2 sizes. Luckily, that dress still fits and we'll be wearing it this Spring and Summer.


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