December 31, 2008

Abby Lu Comes Home

If we thought the car ride to the hospital was stressful, driving home with our new baby girl was extra stressful! We checked out of the hospital about 12:45 after getting clearance from my doctor and the pediatrician.

Abby Lu was strapped nicely into her car seat and seemed to like it just fine.... that is, until the car started!

She got upset and wailed all the way home. Nothing was wrong with her. It was just a new experience and it scared her. I sat in the back and did my best to comfort her. Poor thing.

It is nice to be home with her. We never relied on the nurses much, so leaving them wasn't as scary as many had told us. We just wanted to have our own shower, bed, and comfy chairs. We wanted to see our little girl in her room and on her changing table. We wanted to play with her swing and sit her on her boppy.
We'll see how our first night goes! It appears the neighborhood kids are welcoming her home with fireworks. How nice! :)

Official Hospital Photos

The hospital took the official newborn photos of Abby Lu on Tuesday morning. Thanks to my girlfriend Brandy, we had the most beautiful outfit picked out for her to wear. The photographers were so surprised to see a baby in bold colors! We liked pose #1 and #3 the most.

To check out the photos, click here. The password for her photos is: 04581254704650

Grandparents alert: We ordered photos and included plenty for you. No need to buy any on the site!

December 30, 2008

The birthing of Abby.....another perspective

Not to take away from the main story of Abby's birth....that is, Anna's post....but while we went through this home stretch to bring her into this world....there is another story to tell...the story....told around the Iphone.
Sunday morning, 11pm. Contractions? could be. Need to get a good baseline on the timing of them. Activate the clock application on the Iphone. I can track how far apart and how long they last. It records over 80 contractions during the course of labor.
Hmm...might want to call the doctor.....from Clock, go to Contacts, and activate speaker phone.
Sunday afternoon, we decide to come back in the hospital. They are going to keep us. Use Iphone for texting people, and phoning family.
Sunday evening...labor means waiting. Watch some clips of a movie from the Ipod on the phone. Also played Penguin Launcher when there is down time.
9pm Sunday...realize this is it....start looking at the weather for the rest of the week.....Use weather tracker on the phone to see....ah...70s in the day.
They are leaving us to rest for a couple hours. Activate night stand, an application that reads out just like a clock radio on a night stand, so I can easily see the time.
Bunch of crazy stuff, and we have Abby. Taking pictures like crazy, emailing them out immediately.
Listening to some music off the Iphone connected to the car stereo as I drive to get lunch. Tis a good phone....and a good tool.
I'm ready for my commerical deal Mr. Jobs...

He Delivered

When Marcus and I started praying for a baby, we prayed for the basics- let IVF work. Once it did, we prayed for it to be a sustainable pregnancy. Then, you pray for a full term healthy baby. At that point, it is like you have been so blessed that you feel selfish asking God for anymore. However, He knows the desires of our hearts and loves His children even more than we do. He provided for us in so many ways. He delivered this weekend with us.
Abby Lu was born Monday morning, her induction date, but we did not need to be induced. I had contractions consistently on Saturday morning for hours. We spoke to the oncall doctor who advised us to call back when they were 1 minute long and 5 minutes apart for more than 1 hour. On Saturday, that never happened.
Saturday night, I went to bed and the contractions started again. Marcus and I timed them and when we reached the magic pattern we called the oncall doctor and were told to come in. It was about 2 AM. Proving my theory that nothing good happens after midnight, we saw 3 cops that had pulled people over and street racing on all 3 lanes of 183. Wow! At the hospital, they deduced I was in labor, yet my dilation was not moving so they sent us home after 4 AM to labor at home until my water broke or the contractions were noticeably stronger.
We spent the day timing our contractions while watching football. Thank goodness our fantasy season was over as I was a bit distracted. We were both so tired we would sleep for the few minutes in between contractions and then breathe them out. My Mom came over to sit with me for an hour so that Marcus could sleep and get ready for the long night to come.
About 4 PM, I asked Marcus to call the doctor because the contractions were really getting stronger and I wanted pain relief. We also knew that with a 7:30 induction appointment they were not likely to send me home. They checked me and since I was 4 cm, my epidural was given. He delivered again. God invented epidurals for people like me. I have the utmost respect for women who can go without, but I wanted the relief.
I was checked every few hours and moved along well with a little Pitocin. My water was broken by the staff. I slept like a baby. A little after midnight, I was proclaimed to be a 10, but the doctor was concerned Abby was not facing down. She was head down, but looking up. Since this makes for a harder labor, they had me roll over and lay still for 45 minutes in the hopes Abby would turn. Marcus prayed over us and promised Abby to spoil her for the next 30 years if she turned. You can imagine what happened- she turned! He delivered again.
A little while into the waiting game, I called the nurse and told her I really felt the need to push. I had heard that before and now I really know what it meant. I could just feel Abby moving down and getting still. I pushed for a few minutes and the nurse made me stop. She had to call the doctor to risk delivering the baby herself. In all, I pushed for 12 minutes and it was pain free. He delivered again. It was also the most powerful experience of my life. I felt God with us and willing our child into our arms.
They immediately let me see her, collected her cord blood and sent her to the nearby table to check her out. She was declared medically perfect. Her APGAR score was 9.9 out of 10. Anything above a 7 is considered healthy. He delivered again.
While Marcus was watching over her at the table, I asked him who she looked like. Marcus smiled, laughed and cried when he realized she has his chin. Knowing just one year ago that we may not be able to have children biologically and knowing how much Marcus wanted to see his features in his child, this was another prayer we asked. He delivered again.

After her first test, she was given to me to feed. I have been nervous about breast feeding because I feel ill prepared and because it has been a challenge for so many people. She latched on like a pro. He delivered again.

By 4 AM, we were sent to our maternity ward as a family of three. He has given us everything we have asked for and prayed for. He has given us all of this and now our job is to glorify Him through her. We will deliver.

December 29, 2008

Abigayle Lucille Jenkins

Glory belongs to God, whose power is at work in us. By this power he can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine. - Ephesians 3:20

We could not ask for more. It is amazing what God can do. We were given a beautiful baby girl early this morning who is more than we could have imagined. I promise to blog more soon.

Abigayle Lucille Jenkins
December 29, 2008
1:18 AM
8 pounds, 3 ounces
20 3/4 inches

December 28, 2008

quick update

So the plan was to be getting the induction on Monday, which required a Sunday night check in at the hospital. Well, we are checked in alright. But Ms Abby Lu is proving that this is on her schedule, not ours. We are progressing along......and Anna is a champ on this. Don't want to do the full download, but we are looking close...relatively baby time.


Probably not going to be able to answer calls and stuff for a more details...and hopefully a grand announcement here shortly.

One of the best stories out of the day.....was during some home labor (again, we can give some greater details later) Anna is squeezing my hand...and looks teary..."This hand will be that hand that will be with her for so much, walk her down the isle, first day of school, swinging her through the parking lot to the car."

more to come.


December 27, 2008

things to do while waiting...

so folks, we are at T minus negative 4 days now.  24 hours we make our way to the hospital to have our planned baby.  But this week...we have been pretty much been waiting around.  Anna isn't really into going to the gym right now...or...driving...or standing...and i can't blame her. And I excel at being a nervous nelly, so I am leaving in limited spurts.  We put a lot of effort into this overdo watermelon, so I'm not taking chances.  

So with a week on our hands, we have the following house activities.  Those of you expecting can maybe use em.

1. Football.  not really me, but for Anna.  Thank you bowl season.
2. World of Warcraft.  I've played so much WOW (in broken and controlled doses) that I think I'm about to get the final quest "Go out and get  life!"
3.  This only lasts for so long.  Then there is the Wii.  but you can only play so much trivia before you say "mmk...tired of getting beat...I quit.  At least for me.
4.  floor tile counting.  Don't laugh, but day 4, its not bad.   you learn things.
5.  Yea!  Theres dishes and clothes to take care of.
6.  Restock the diaper bag.  I approach it like packing a bag for a camping trip.  Be Prepared!
7.  Making homemade pencils
8.  Brushing up on my Discovery channel "the grubworms of New Zealand."
9.  sorting the music on the Iphone...the Ipod, Itunes..sort sort sort
10. talking to plants.
11. Polish and shine the plumming under the sink
12. Blog stalking....Anna's..not mine..
13.  watching wheel of fortune...Anna's like Rain Man with that show.

Mmk...back to some online Solitare or some "what spilled in the microwave".  I RULE that game.


December 26, 2008

Mr. Claus

Look what I found half-price at Target this morning. I just knew Abby Lu's Daddy would do anything to get a smile out of her. I can't wait to take pictures with Mr. Claus and our baby girl next year!

Mr. Claus wants to make it very clear he will loan the suit out to other fathers, but will not make special appearances in public.

December 25, 2008

Labor Mantra Book

I am feeling crafty- really, I am bored. I have been home for days minus a few small trips here and there. So, I have spent some good time in the scrapbook room. Last night, I used the scriptures you recommended on the blog and by email and made my labor mantra book.

It includes scriptures made to help me be strong, to remember Abby is His child, to keep Marcus and I focused on the gift she is, and to let others see His love through our experience.

It was super easy to make and it helped me to use up many of my random accessories and scrap paper.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to All!

Marcus and I are enjoying a quiet Christmas Day at home. We didn't know where we would be this year or who would be with us, so we kept it very low key. We have a pot roast in the crock pot, a new video game to learn, and a DVR to conquer. It should be a nice quiet day in our pajamas!

Last night we opened presents to aid in sleeping in this morning! Marcus was so thoughtful and bought me the red checkered matching quilt to our bedding. I had wanted it for months and he told me we did not need it, even though it was on clearance! It was a lesson in submission- I didn't fight him on it, but just said okay and let it go. He definitely surprised me with it last night. He also gave me my annual James Avery Christmas charm- called motherhood and featuring Mary and Baby Jesus and a Willow Tree called "A New Life". He felt it transitioned well from the maternity angel Susan gave me this summer.

Marcus also opened his presents last night- Texas Tech washers to match his red and black portable washer boards, some cool Austin-made coasters featuring a few of our favorite Austin restaurants and a Darth Vader golf driver head cover. A little fun for his serious golf game!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and enjoys the gifts of family, friends, good health and presents picked with love!

December 24, 2008

Week 40: Yep, Still Pregnant

First I'm told pregnancy is 10 months and not nine and now you tell me that you can go beyond 40 weeks. To top it off, my little blog ticker on the right proclaims, "It's go time." Thanks little ticker, I HAD NO IDEA! Don't I look miserable! I went to the doctor this morning without any makeup or washing my hair hoping they would feel sorry for me. No such luck.

I have progressed to 2 cm dilated and stayed at 50% effaced. It looks like 12/29 is very likely. In some ways, it seems like forever from now and in other ways, I can't believe the baby we have dreamed off will be here in 5 days.

Here is a view of me standing up to show you my new shoes! ha! Marcus thought that would be funny. I am just happy I was able to wear shoes. I have only left the house once since Friday and it was for a pedicure, so I was in flip flops. My feet are puffy, but they do fit into shoes.

All was well at the doctor- good heartrate for baby and good blood pressure and weight for Mommy.

December 23, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Cohen

Happy Birthday Cohen!

We saw Cohen on Sunday to celebrate Christmas and got to check out his new hairdo- a buzz cut that is the result of him finding a razor in the bathroom and deciding to give himself a reverse mohawk. He shaved off a strip in the middle of his head. Quite funny!

Today is also my official due date and I would have loved to have Abby Lu share her birthday with Cohen. My sister and I share the same birthday 4 years apart, so it would have been cool for our kids to also share. No such luck!

Abby Lu's First Piece of James Avery

Abby Lu receives the best mail! Marcus and I receive bills, insurance notifications, and catalogs wanting our money. She receives the most heartfelt of presents!

Today in the mail, she received her first piece of James Avery jewelry from my Aunt Vicki and cousin Keri. If you are not familiar with his work, it is my favorite and has been since I was a child. Mr. Avery is based out of Kerrville and specializes in sterling silver pieces, many of which are Christian based. My mother worked for him personally many years ago and my uncle works for him today. He is based in Kerrville, Texas, where my parents grew up. He also has many stores in Austin.

Abby Lu received a very small bracelet with angels framing her engraved name. It is simply beautiful and I love love it! Thank you Vicki and Keri for thinking of her and sending something so special to start her James Avery collection. I can't wait to see it on her sweet little wrists!

December 22, 2008

Hey so, have ya'll had.....

no.  not yet.  still pregnant.

For those of you playing at home, there are only three valid guesses left for the baby pool...One of them is Anna's.


December 21, 2008

Christmas Day for Us

Since the birth Abby Lu is up in the air, we celebrated Christmas with my family today. We had Mom, Tiffany, Shaun, Kyleigh and Cohen over for an early lunch and then my Dad and Jacque over for mid-afternoon snacks and presents. It was a fun and BUSY day!

Marcus and I posed for our annual family picture and included Abby Lu via her newly monogrammed stocking in the picture. We'll be holding a happy little baby in this picture next year. I have a small photo album that houses a picture of Marcus and I from each year we have celebrated Christmas together. It goes back to 1996 when we were dating!

Tiffany, TJ (my Mom) and I in front of the fireplace. We skipped putting up a tree this year, so the pictures are a little off from the traditional. Other than pictures, I haven't really missed the tree at all. It is nice to not pull out the holiday water bottle to spray the cat as she attacks the tree!

The Langbein Family photo- Tiffany, Kyleigh, Cohen and Shaun

This year, Marcus and I gave the kids more toys than clothes. Kyleigh enjoyed sitting down with her new Lite Brite. It is just like the classic I loved as a kid, only the 2008 version is flat screen!

Cohen, has more energy than most, so he received games and toys to use up that energy including an indoor foam bowling set. The long hallway in our house and in their new house makes for a great bowling lane!
After the first group left, we welcomed Dad and Jacque! We watched football, snacked on yummy food, and opened presents. It was a low stress holiday celebration.
Marcus and I are keeping our plans open, but expect to spend Christmas Day together, warm and cozy inside our house, exchange our gifts, and await our daughter.

Dinner with Family

Saturday night, we met up with my cousin Kristi and her family for dinner at Red Robin. Kids eat free all month!

Bella was full of personality last night and wasn't afraid of the big bird. Here she is checking him out!

She also found the straws to be quite amusing. They made great fangs, if you could catch her with them both in her mouth!

Finally, while waiting on the check, Marcus pulled out the ultimate kids' entertainment device- the iPhone. Both Landry and Bella giggled at the fishies with Marcus.
Think he'll have fun having his own little girl? I have no doubts!
Big thanks to Kristi and family for knowing my obsession with cupcakes- they gave me a large red cupcake shaped cookie jar. It looks perfect in my kitchen!

Birthday Party

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Kiersten!
Saturday afternoon we attended a special birthday party. We had hoped to have a baby and share Kiersten's birthday with Abby Lu, but God didn't have it planned that way.
It was fun to celebrate with Kiersten and her parents, Tabriah and Matt.

December 19, 2008

One of Abby Lu's Namesakes

Marcus and I received a box in the mail today that made us cry big 'ol alligator tears... it was filled with gifts, many homemade, from Marcus' Aunt Iva. Included in the box were items made from Marcus' grandmother's fabric collection. His grandmother, is the Lucille, in Abigayle Lucille and she passed in 2001. I only knew "Granny" for a short time and unfortunately, the time I knew her she was suffering from Alzheimer's. I never really knew the wonderful Christ-filled matriarch that she was for his mother's side of the family.

To have some of her fabric carried down to our daughter and a letter from Iva sharing what a wonderful woman she was means the world to Marcus and I. Knowing that Iva saved the fabric for a special occasion and deemed our daughter worthy of it is so touching. It reminds you why family names are so special. To top it all off, the items don't look like they came from an old stash of fabric- they are modern and funky and perfect!

Here is the laundry bag personalized just for her. The fabric, including the rick-rack, came from Granny. I wish I had known Granny and I shared a love of rick rack!

Here are a few of the other items made from new and old fabrics. The large white burp cloth says, "My Grammy Rocks" which is Marcus' Mom (Lucille's daughter's) grandname. The green and blue smaller cloths and sewn with an "A" and a ladybug. I love me some ladybugs! Finally, the pillows include a flower, letter A, "is for Abigayle" and a photo frame.

Iva, thank you so much for sharing Granny's fabric with us, for sharing your talents with us, and for welcoming our daughter into the family with a heritage she can be so very proud of. We love you!

The last few comments...

People, Please be aware that during this holiday season, we are at a baby threat level Red. This means that an imminent baby event is going to happen this holiday season. We recommend that all travelers have their personal luggage checked and rechecked in the event of a urgent situation. Remember, we can be ready, or we can be freaked right out.

So Anna has been the blog heavy one for a while, but I wanted to chip in some nuggets from the past few months.

Cold. So cold. Im wrapped in flannel and slippers under the comforter at night, and she is sweating with no covers. My deepest apologies to those that I have frozen out before.

She ate burgers and Chinese. let's see if that trend continues.

BTW people, burping, gas, and using the bathroom a bunch is pretty much a usual for guys. Sorry we can't have more sympathy for preggers people. Its just a daily thing for us.

I have complete sympathy for pregnancy brain. (not that Anna went loopy or anything, but there were a couple of "huh?" moments. I attribute it to the preggers brain.) Having something kick you and move all the time is freaky. I grew up watching the Alien movies. uh uh.

I'm not to freaked about those 'hanging out at 3am feedings". Mainly because some of the best raids happen at this time. Its also the easiest time to quest. You can also play WOW with one hand, and hold something in the other.

Fun times!

December 18, 2008

Week 39: Doctor Appt Update

Today's doctor's appointment went very well. I was told that my iron counts were almost normal and if I just keep taking my iron I should not need anything special at birth- yea! I also did not gain any weight since last week- yea! Abby Lu's heart rate and my blood pressure were all good. I am 50% effaced and 1.5 cm. dilated. It isn't a lot of progress, but it is progress!
The end is near- we were given the special paperwork for if/when I go into labor. It included who to call, what to eat, etc. We talked about the on call doctor for next week since mine has Christmas off. Luckily, I am really not that concerned about who catches my baby, as long as a doctor is there! We also scheduled a week 40 appointment for Christmas Eve and planned our induction. If Abby Lu stays warm and cozy inside me, I will check into the new birthing center at 8:00 PM on December 28th to begin the drugs. Marcus went over to the center and compared it to a nice Holiday Inn. How nice that we get to experience the new hospital!

Christmas Card 2008

This year I decided not to send out Christmas cards. With baby announcements coming out next month, I felt like I could skip over Christmas cards this year. I have received so many already and feel super guilty about not reciprocating!
Merry Christmas to my lovely blog readers!

December 17, 2008

Full Circle

Last night I bought a new purse and since my current wallet didn't match, I decided to switch out my wallet to an older one that I hadn't used in ages. Changing out purses and wallets always leads to some fun- an expired coupon you forgot to use, surprise money, or even that lipstick that you thought was gone forever.

When I opened my old wallet last night, my findings were much more revelaing. I found a fortune from a long ago fortune cookie that read, "Good things come to those who wait." I am sure at the time I didn't believe it or thought I had waited long enough. In the change purse I found a small silver coin, shaped like a doll, that said "hope" on the front and the back said, "Put your hope in God". I can not remember who bought it for me or when I received it, but am glad I came across it again. It belongs in Abby's book for sure.

Whatever you are waiting on, I hope it comes to you too!

December 16, 2008

Week 39: A Mini-Watermelon

It looks like I swallowed a watermelon! I remember when she was just a poppy seed and I was so excited to have a blueberry. Wow- a watermelon! We'll see if she makes it to week 40 and grows up to be a pumpkin.

Nothing new or exciting happening since my sonogram yesterday. Tomorrow is my last day of work and I see the doctor on Thursday. My calendar is clear and ready for her arrival!

from Baby Center:

Your baby's waiting to greet the world! He continues to build a layer of fat to help control his body temperature after birth, but it's likely he already measures about 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds, a mini watermelon. (Boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls.) The outer layers of his skin are sloughing off as new skin forms underneath.

New Rug

I used part of my bonus this year for a new living room rug and was super excited when it came in yesterday. We always had a big red rug in the room, but that moved over to Abby's room and our living room just didn't look right without a rug.

Big thanks to Tabriah for letting me copy her fabulous Pottery Barn Kids rug! I love it and it is super soft and thick for little baby legs to crawl on!

December 15, 2008

Weekend parties....updated...

I wanted to update from the earlier post about our branch Xmas party.  Please pardon my informal attire.  I was hot from the Wii ing!

One of the games we played was the Wii boxing.  I was doing pretty good beating people up, then my boss stood to challenge me.  Although I was bowed up to 'throw some bows', Jefe did win.  Never good to beat the boss in golf, or boxing.  

And of course, we had to do the annual Czech toast, 

Sonogram Results

We had our sonogram today and it was wonderful to see her (thank goodness Abby is still a girl!)and even more wonderful to hear all of the healthy statistics she currently bears. She is face down, looking back and has a little bit of hair. We were able to see her lungs moving showing breathing, her heart beating, and her fingers, toes, arms and legs all moving. Her organs were all in place and normal.
In terms of her size, Dr. Darby and the technician said around 8 pounds, maybe 8.5 pounds. They didn't see any medical reason for us to induce this week and recommended we await her arrival. As much as I want to control this, I am going to sit back and let God decide when our child will be born. It occurred to me that she is His child as well and if He wants to give her to us for Christmas, then we should not try to take that away from Him.
If she doesn't come on her own, we will go in on 12/29 and induce for safety reasons.

Labor Mantra

Please send me any scripture you think will help keep me focused during labor.

These currently mean the most to me and seem mighty relevant. I don't want to forget it isn't Dr. Vaughn or Dr. Neyman bringing this baby into the world- it is Him who made it all happen!

I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing.- John 15:5

You alone created my inner being. You knitted me together inside my mother.- Psalm 139:13

Glory belongs to God, whose power is at work in us. By this power he can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine. - Ephesians 3:20

Christmas Party Weekend

This weekend, like most people, was Christmas party weekend. We made 4 of the 5 parties! Friday night we attended Marcus' office party for a little while and then snuck out early to go to our church and help host the Married Adult Ministry dessert hour. Marcus' learned how to make Starbucks' drinks since the party was in our "Holy Grounds" cafe.

Saturday was party free- we made casseroles to prep for Abby Lu, ran a couple of little errands and enjoyed what might be our last date before child care is a concern. Dinner at Cheesecake Factory was wonderful. There was no wait at 7 PM. Amazing!

Sunday afternoon we attended my PEO chapter's holiday party and then rushed home to grab dessert and attend our Fantasy Football end of year party.

Here is a picture of 9 of the 12 members of our league. Pending some crazy activity by his wide receiver, Marcus will be playing in the championship against Jesse (bottom right in black). I will be playing for third place.

The championship game wasn't decided when we arrived at the party since the Cowboys and Giants were just getting started. Lots of time was spent around the laptop watching the points unfold.

While on commercial, Marcus got 2 more kids interested in his iPhone by letting David and Blythe go "fishing". Who knew Marcus' favorite new toy would be such a big hit among all the kids!
We are now done with our holiday parties and Abby Lu can come at anytime. Let's hope the sonogram today gives us some direction.

New Glasses

I decided last week that I needed new black glasses. I have quite a few pair that I rotate out and find that I wear my 5-year old black glasses the most. So, Friday afternoon I had an eye appointment.

An eye appointment while pregnant is different. They won't dilate your eyes, it was hard to lean forward enough to press my forehead and chin into the machinery and everyone was concerned my eyesight would be different- it hasn't changed in years which I why I can wear so many pairs of glasses.

My eyesight was shown to have gotten a little better which isn't pregnancy related, so off I went to Lens Crafters to find new black glasses. These fun frames are white on the inside and have a little bit of black stones on the sides that make them sparkle. The consultant was super nice and gave me 45% off my bill which made these frames much more budget friendly. Plus, since they are Burberry, they came with a fun case!

December 12, 2008

Week 38: Dr Appt Update

Yea, uh, that is my big belly. When I first saw this picture this morning, I actually thought, my boobs look small. hehe!

We saw the doctor for our 38 week checkup and here is what she said:

* Blood Pressure is good at 114 over 76

* Weight gain is normal at 26 total pounds, 1 pound since last week

* Heart rate was excellent at 143

And, then Dr. Neyman came in and told me Abby Lu looks to be about 8 pounds. Excuse me, what? Baby Center says normal is around 7 pounds. 8 pounds with 17 days until induction makes we very nervous! At one pound per week normal baby weight gain at this point, I am looking at a baby over 10 pounds!

My body is not progressing toward labor at all, so she is not in favor of induction yet. I did convince her to let me do a sonogram on Monday morning so that Dr. Darby can tell me how big she looks. I don't know what I am hoping for- a small baby that will stay in me longer or confirmation she is big and an induction early next week.

At this point, I am back with Dr. Neyman on Thursday December 18th and we'll see how I have progressed. She does not go straight to c-section unless the sonogram shows a 10 pounder. Wow!

On another note, I was excited to pull out my Christmas shirt today. I think I outgrew it! It is pulling a little tight on my belly. Funny trick though- my shirt is magical because when I sit down, I can hide Santa's hat!

One Year Anniversary

One year ago today Marcus and I attended an infertility information session to learn about the world we were about to enter. To my amazement, in many ways, the year has flown. We are so very blessed to be so close to meeting our daughter in just one year's time. For most people, IVF isn't tried the first time around and often doesn't work on the first try.

In a time of thanksgiving, I am so very thankful that the Lord had a plan for my life that was bigger and better than I was able to see at this time last year. The original intention of sharing our infertility story on the blog was to be able to reach out to friends and family and solicit their prayers. I now hear of friends sharing the blog with other friends who are wishing for a child or are expecting after experiencing infertility themselves. Please feel free to share our story with others- I am always open to sharing our experience if it can help others become aware of options, learn about our loving Father, and ultimately see the happy ending which is not always the original ending we had in mind.

On the right side of the blog, you can find our blog labels. I have gone back and labeled all of the infertility posts. This will make the "story" of Abby Lu easier to follow for new readers.

December 10, 2008

Week 38: Okay, Really, I am READY!

I am here! I am ready! Please let me meet my little girl soon. I don't want to wait until December 29th (induction) or even December 24th (due date)! At our appointment on Friday, I plan to beg my doctor to let me be induced next week. I really want her here for Christmas. We are full term, so her job inside me now is just to get bigger. Wait a minute.... I don't know that bigger is better! 6.8 pounds sounds reasonable!

Honestly, I am getting to the really uncomfortable stage. I am swelling, my joints hurt, I don't sleep and I think I now waddle. I stand up and have to pee. I sit down and have to pee. On the bright side, I am so grateful to be at 38 weeks with all of this complaining to do!

I started working PT this week and it has helped. I go in at 10:00 each day which allows me to lay in bed a little longer and eat a good breakfast at home. It seems to help me maintain energy longer during the day. My last day at work is next Wednesday. My leave is about 12 weeks. I am off completely for the first 6-7 and then will work as I wish from home via phone and email. I am very very blessed I have this opportunity. I realize not all employers are so understanding.

I am back at the doctor on Friday for a regular appointment and to check my iron levels. Please say a prayer all is still well, iron counts are normal, and my power of persuasion moves up my induction date!

from Baby Center:
Your baby has really plumped up. She weighs about 6.8 pounds and she's over 19 1/2 inches long (like a leek). She has a firm grasp, which you'll soon be able to test when you hold her hand for the first time! Her organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb.Wondering what color your baby's eyes will be? You may not be able to tell right away. If she's born with brown eyes, they'll likely stay brown. If she's born with steel gray or dark blue eyes, they may stay gray or blue or turn green, hazel, or brown by the time she's 9 months old. That's because a child's irises (the colored part of the eye) may gain more pigment in the months after she's born, but they usually won't get "lighter" or more blue. (Green, hazel, and brown eyes have more pigment than gray or blue eyes.)

December 07, 2008

A Few of Our Favorite Things

After our shower on Saturday, Marcus, his Mom, my Mom, Kyleigh and I met for dinner.

We were amazed that the time spent awaiting food flew as we all watched in awe as Kyleigh showed us her ease with the use of the iPhone. She was able to maneuver the phone- find and play games, pull down You Tube videos and sing along with the music. Kids these days! :)
After dinner, we went to enjoy one of my favorite things- snow cones! Carol (Marcus' Mom) wanted to see how good these icy treats I talked about were. Kyleigh was freezing, but still ate her Sour Watermelon cone.
It was a fun night to see family and think about life with a little girl in the mix. We can't wait!

Last Baby Shower

Marcus and I had our last (#5) baby shower this weekend with the friends from our Sunday School class. The families in that class and at the shower have enriched our marriage and our lives so much in the past 5 years. It was wonderful to celebrate the next chapter with them.

We were showered with lots of wonderful gifts- homemade treasures, practical goods from Moms with lots of experience and the occasional over-the-top outfit that I can't wait to dress her in.

Check out these ruffled fancy pants! Abby Lu will be so stylish! They will be cute with her little ballerina socks or her red glitter slippers handed down from our little friend Emily.

Here is another outfit that makes me smile- leopard print shirt and matching pants and sunglasses! I love Gymboree for their ability to make it all work together. I know I will be shopping there often.

These are just a few of the girls in attendance. The rest of them and the boys were upstairs watching the SEC game or manning the kids out in the backyard. It is such a blessing to be a part of this family of families. We have learned tremendously from each of them.

December 05, 2008

Shared Birthday

UPDATES: New days added!

I know a lot of people with December birthdays or anniversaries! I didn't realize how many until I mention Abby Lu's due date and hear, "she could be born on my birthday." So, I am trying to compile a list. If you have a December date, let me know and I'll add you to the list or correct me if I have your date wrong!

December 3- Mary (my co-worker)
December 5- Erica (my blogging friend)
December 9- Rowan (my college friend Sandee's daughter)
December 12- Ben and Kristi's Anniversary (my cousin)
December 14- Matt and Tabriah's Anniversary (childhood friend)
December 19- Cathy (my former KW boss and current friend!) and John and Jessica's Anniversary (my coworker)
December 20- Kiersten and Ava (friends daughter, about to turn one)
December 22- Reese and Debra (daughter of a Goddess Girl and KW friend) or Kelly (who I blog stalk from Arkansas!)
December 23- Cohen (my nephew)
December 30- Blythe (Natalie from church's sweet daughter)
December 31- Jacque (my step mom)

She'll be in great company on any of these days!

Marcus' Present

Last night at dinner I gave Marcus a thank you present for being such a wonderful husband throughout my pregnancy and for already being a wonderful father.

I found this website online and loved their products. Marcus' dog tag came in the mail yesterday and looks even better in person. They have a great line of women's products too and everything is reasonable priced.

Marcus' tag reads, "Abigayle Eph. 3:20" which states:

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. -NLT version


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