May 31, 2009

In Honor of my trip to Lubbock...

Thank you Patricia for the spirited onesie! I'm so happy to see her in red and black!

Goddess Girl Weekend 2009

I spent the weekend in Lubbock visiting my college girlfriends, collectively known as the Goddess Girls. Katy hosted this year, so we all arrived in Lubbock on Friday night. It is always like we haven't missed a beat with these girls- no awkward silence and somehow, no filling in the gaps since we last saw each other. I love that the conversation is always easy and flows freely with these girls.As always, we ate too much and spent too much over the weekend. We enjoyed some of the best food and shops in Lubbock. The picture above is at the courtyard at Abuelo's while we awaited our table. The food was yummy!
We also shopped and shopped and shopped! We realized we are getting old. The fashions seemed so silly- the jewelry was 80s rad, sunglasses too big, dresses too short/tight/tacky, and the use of a bejeweled headband like a Native American would wear was insane! Alison, Katy and Billye showed off some of the sunglasses. Speaking of showing off, click here to see a pair of shoes I found for $5 in Lubbock! Love them!
After we tired of shopping, we went to Katy's parents house and enjoyed their pool. We didn't really ever swim- just sat on the steps and enjoyed chips and homemade salsa, Nutter Butters and a few cold drinks. It was a great break between shopping and dinner.

A huge thank you to my lovely husband who braved single parentdom alone so that I could enjoy the weekend with my girlfriends. As always, he did a great job and Abby is healthy, happy and still well dressed with Momma away!

May 29, 2009

May 28, 2009

Random Questions

I pulled these from Kristi and I tag Jacque and Alison since they are both new bloggers! Welcome to tagging. Just answer these questions on your blog and tag someone else's blog.

Six names you go by:
1. Anna
2. Deanna
3. Dee
4. Mrs. Jenk
5. Auntie
6. Random loving names from Marcus

Three things you are wearing right now:
1. workout pants
2. worksout shirt
3. plaid headband

Three things you want very badly at the moment:
1. to be debt free... so close!
2. to know the future/ what God has planned for me
3. my long trip to Michigan to be behind me

Three people you are certain who will fill this out:
1. Alison
2. Jacque
3. Kristi already did

Three things you did last night:
1. celebrate Marcus' birthday
2. 30 Day Shred
3. packed for girls' weekend in Lubbock

Two things you ate today:
1. Chick-fil-a
2. granola bar

Two people you last talked to on the phone:
1. Marcus
2. my sister

Two things you are going to do tomorrow:
1. get my haircut
2. fly to Lubbock

Your favorite beverages:
1. sweet tea
2. Grape Crush

2010 Vacation

One of the luxuries of my job is hotel points and I have a lot of them saved up. Marcus and I can stay in a free hotel about every 3-4 years with my hotel points.
We want to go on vacation next year with Abby Lu, but can't even fathom where to go.... give us ideas!
Some things to consider-
* Must be a somewhat major city with a Westin Hotel in it (to use my points)
* Needs to have some kid-friendly things to do, but not overload like Disney since she won't remember this vacation
* I would prefer it be someplace new for us. Recent trips are Hawaii, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, Orlando, Denver and Las Vegas.
* We can really go anytime of year, so weather isn't a factor.
* We are okay with flying, but I don't think overseas is a good first flight choice.
I was thinking zoo.... I looked up the Top 10 US zoos and San Diego is #1, but we have been there more than once. The Baltimore Zoo is a high ranker. Do you think we could do Baltimore Zoo and throw in some DC?

Just like her Momma...

I caught Abby sleeping with her booty in the air just like I did as a baby. Aww- how cute!

Where Are My Parents?

Abby has to wonder where her parents went because both Marcus and I did something we haven't done in her lifetime or in many years.....
I tried to dye my hair dark brown (my natural color), but wasn't super successful. It still looks red! I will give it a darker try soon. I don't totally love my new hairdresser's colors and it takes so much time to get it done that I was hoping to be a little more low maintenance and just get a quick cut every couple of months. We'll see!
Marcus went wild and crazy on his 35th birthday and shaved off his goatee! He wanted Abby to see where her little chin dimple comes from. This picture is a rare sight as it has been at least 8 years since he has been clean shaven. We have one picture on the refrigerator from June 2000 (Billye's wedding) with Marcus sans goatee. He isn't fond of it (and neither am I), so he plans to have it back in place in the next few weeks.

May 27, 2009

First Rice Cereal

Am I doing this right? Is rice cereal supposed to be this runny? I felt like I was putting liquid on a spoon and then attempting to avoid her flailing arms.... which I wasn't always successful at.
As expected, Abby was a little confused by the whole process. She played along and had fun taking it all in.... and then letting it all drool back out. Both Marcus and I took a couple of turns. I love this picture. She is looking up at Marcus with concern and maybe a little trust.I honestly don't know if any of it went into her mouth. Ladies out there, help me! Is this right? Should I make it thicker? Does it go in her bottle instead of a bowl and spoon?

Doctor's Appointment

Marcus took Abby Lu to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon. Her congested nose has been with us off and on for about 4 weeks. We wanted to make sure we weren't missing anything. When she sounded congested, we were running the humidifier and doing swing sessions in the bathroom with the shower on and using the aspirator, but we can't seem to make it go all the way away. She said we were doing fine and to keep it up.

Marcus also asked her about a couple of other things-

* We have been approved for rice cereal! Yea! I have been excited to explore more than just milk with Abby.

* We were told to stick with 5 6oz. bottles per day and not up them to 8 oz. which we did a few weeks ago. We could rarely get her to take the full bottle, but read that 40 total ounces was appropriate for her age.

* We upped her reflux medicine. Since she was a few months old we have given her reflux medicine 2x per day to help with her spit up. We haven't ever upped the dosage even though she has doubled in size. We found that the past few weeks about an hour after her bottle she would spit up at least one ounce in one big burp. It was hard to manage and although she didn't mind it wasn't healthy. So, we increased the dosage and hopefully she'll keep it all down.

* We also found that she now weighs 15 pounds and 12 ounces. Perfect weight gain since last time.

I am glad we took her and was given reassurance on a couple of lurking issues. Let's hope the nose gets better. It bothers her most at night when she is trying to sleep and that makes her fussy.

May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Cookout #2

We spent most of Memorial Day at my sister's house in New Braunfels. I hadn't seen Kyleigh and Cohen in months, so it was wonderful to hang out with them.
Abby started off happy and enjoyed seeing her Nana and Aunt Larriane. She also talked away with Kyleigh's baby doll and awaited a response. It was cute! After a yummt grilled lunch, Kyleigh and Cohen played on the slip and slide. I love it and can't imagine lunging my body onto the ground like that anymore. I fear my youth is gone.

Happy Birthday Susan!

Today is our friend Susan's birthday. Susan and my cousin Bryan have been married for almost 2 years and it feels like she has been in the family forever.

She is expecting her own baby early next year and we can't wait to see her as a Mom. She is already a fabulous wife, aunt, cousin and puppy Mom.

I hope your day was wonderful!

Marcus, Anna and Abby Lu

May 24, 2009

Shred: Day Two

So, sore legs and all we did our Shred video tonight. I would have loved to skip- we got to it close to 9 PM, but we did it. Starting the video is half the battle, right?

Anyway, I discovered I am sore in many many places including that little spot between your chest and armpits. What is that area called and why is it sore?

I also discovered I am Anita's grandmother. Jillian, the hostess, has 2 assistants Anita and Nicole. Nicole is built and more advanced. You look to her if you are in shape and need a bigger challenge. Anita does a modified version and helps people newer to working out, i.e. knees down on push-ups. Marcus watches Anita. I can't do what Anita does, so I am Anita's grandmother. And, her grandmother is kicking my butt.

I seriously hope I can walk tomorrow.

Memorial Day Cookout

This was our afternoon view- isn't it beautiful! This is the backyard pool of Marcus' coworker John. Him and Delia have a lovely home and invited Marcus' team over for the afternoon.

We meant to swim all afternoon. But never did and then it was time to go before Abby melted down and embarrassed us!

Marcus and Abby Lu discovered the chair hammock and enjoyed swinging. For the first time, she just wasn't very pleasant. We tried lots of different things, but she was unhappy. I think she got a little sticky- it was a little humid and we had her slathered in sunscreen. Once we cooled her down, she took a short nap- just in time for us to eat!

This is Harley and he was IN LOVE with Abby. He wanted to be wherever she was. Abby didn't mind or even notice until Harley barked. We then saw the lower lip, red face, screams and tears. Looks like it'll be a while before she is comfortable around dogs.

I Can't Resist...

I can't resist 2 things: taking pictures of this pretty girl and a good deal on nice baby clothing! I hit up Once Upon A Child by my office and bought this sweet Zutano Kids dress/top for $4.99. It looks perfect with her giant flower! I literally get her dressed to go somewhere and then take pictures before we ever leave her room. It is my new hobby- ha!
Notice the smile and the tears in her eyes. We were snapping away and I wanted more light in her room. So, I walked away to open the curtains and blinds and in her effort to "follow" me, she face planted and it scared her. She recovered quickly and I just left the tear in her eyes. It makes the picture so much more special.

May 23, 2009

New Sleep Position

Oh how this concerns me!
(forget the blanket- I only did that this afternoon because it was cold and she fell asleep without pants on. I was checking on her often. We don't put her down with a blanket normally.)
Why oh why does my child chose to sleep FACE DOWN? Doesn't she know it makes me nervous! I was so scared when she learned to roll over and sleep on her belly, but got comfortable with it as I know she can breathe when her head is to the side. Now, she is sleeping with her face on the sheet. I go in after she falls asleep and turn her head. I just can't keep it like that all night. This is one of those situations where I do all I can and trust Him to do the rest.

Funny Faces

We had the most fun today with Abby Lu- she ate well, napped well and shopped well. Here she is making some funny faces at Kohls this afternoon. She looks like an old man who has removed his dentures!

Yes, we pinch ourselves daily. We have such a happy baby girl!

30 Day Shred

Tonight, Marcus and I started Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. Boy is it hard! You do 6 minute circuits- 3 minutes strength training, 2 minutes cardio and 1 minute abs. It includes things like lunges, curls, jumping jacks, crunches, etc.

It was fun doing it with someone else and I hope we can see some results by the end of June. I definetely feel it!

May 22, 2009

Pictures from our day

Abby spent a few minutes in her exersaucer this morning while Daddy was loading up his truck with her bags and his breakfast. I had to take her picture because she is so happy playing these days; however, I couldn't capture a smile.

I will brag on her- for 2 nights in a row, she has gone down and fallen asleep without crying at all! She also slept for 10.5 hours straight last night. Love it!

This is a sleepy girl we kept our late tonight eating outside at Mighty Fine Burgers with our friends Mo and Jessica. The burgers were good and Abby cooperated past her bedtime so we could talk. It was lovely!

Help me out here...

I ordered these navy shoes to match some pants and I like them only there is a problem... they are a peep toe, but you can't see my toes. They fit fine in the back, but I think this looks weird.

Keep them or return them?

May 21, 2009

Thanks Billye!

"I could just reach out and hug you! Thank you for my cool shirt with my name on it. Everyone at school thinks I am the cutest. Wait until they see this shirt!"
Love, Abby Lu

New Bath Position

I could just eat her up! Abby Lu loves bathtime. She just hangs out enjoying all of the naked time and the attention we are giving her. A few weeks ago, we turned her bathtub around so that now she sits up during bathtime instead of reclining back. It makes washing her hair so much easier for Marcus.
While he washes her hair, I wash her body and therefore am in the vulnerable position near her feet. When Abby gets excited, she kicks and kicks and kicks. I get wetter as the bathtime goes on!

Holding On

Look at her not wanting to let go of Daddy, but completely enthralled in something else.... what could that be?
oh yea, Praise Baby DVD!

May 20, 2009

5th Annual American Idol Party

For the 5th year in a row, we have watched the American Idol finale (either Tuesday or Wednesday) with our friends Jay and Heather and their kids Connor and Katie. When we started Connor was just a baby who was in bed before the show even came on! This year, they watched it with us. Both kids went to bed after the show and I was in Katie's room saying goodnight when I saw this!
that my friends is like looking into Abby Lu's future. A princess house full of princess shoes. Oh, I can't wait!

After the kids went to bed, we ate dessert and Jay showed us his collection of "vintage" hats his father gave him. Oh the laughs we had! It reminds me of white trash night we celebrated many years ago. I just love the trucker look!

May 19, 2009

Great Sleep Progress

Look at this cute little girl WHO PUT HERSELF BACK TO SLEEP twice last night!
Isn't she just fabulous! She awoke at 2:00 AM and 5:15 AM and put herself back to sleep. No bottle, no pat on the back, no sshhing from us. Just a few minutes of talking and the silence as she fell back asleep. We are on night #4 of no bottle in the middle of the night and she is already made it from needing a bottle, to needing comfort, to putting herself down alone.

She has also discovered the ceiling fan and will happily contort her body to glimpse the wonder of spinning blades on the ceiling.

May 18, 2009


When I worked at Keller Williams I lived on sweet tea and Balance bars. I tried them all and liked the peanut butter best. I ate them for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner when we were working extra late. I left KW and haven't had them since. It is like going back in time, to a time when I wasn't real happy.
I have been gone from KW for almost 2 years and this morning I had a PB Balance bar for the first time. I survived! I ate it calmly and slowly and not during my "lunch hour".
Now if I could only hear AC/DC "Back in Black" and not get anxious! For my non-Keller friends, there was a time when this was Gary Keller's intro music. Whether you were ready or not, when you heard this song you knew the train had left the station and you had better be ready.

May 17, 2009


We think Abby might be teething. It is hard to tell- I can see white bumps on her bottom middle gums, but don't know if they have always been there or are new. She has been extra fussy today and only her Praise Baby DVD has calmed her. We have watched it ALL.DAY.LONG.
So, tonight, we pulled out the teething gel and tried applying it. She did not like the taste of it. The tears flowed and the yucky faces were made. We'll keep watching those white spots and let you know.
On the sleep front, she did nap in her bed some this weekend which is big. Last night she fussed multiple times until 10:30 when she finally fell asleep and she awoke at 5:00 and was moved into the swing. Tonight, she fussed going down, but has been out for about 45 minutes without fussing. I hope she stays out and gets a good night's rest.

Blue Eyes

I know her eyes aren't set until 6 months, but I sure would love them to stay this magnificent shade of royal blue. They are absolutely beautiful!

Of course, I will surely think she is pretty no matter her eye color!


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