October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Abby was "pink Minnie" for Halloween this year. I think that Minnie wore red when we were growing up, but she wears pink on Abby's favorite Mickey Mouse clubhouse, so red Minnie doesn't exist ;)
We really wanted to be Daisy. But that costume doesn't seem to exist for kids. Just Google it... apparently grown women love to be Daisy? Weird!

Marcus, being the world's best Dad, jumped right in to be Mickey Mouse with her. Good thing he wasn't Donald since he doesn't wear pants!
Marcus and Abby went house to house with Eva, Abby's friend from daycare and storytime. It was her first time to trick or treat and she caught on quickly! Abby did great about asking before eating- we have worked really hard with her on peanut education. We are always talking about what candy has peanuts at the grocery store check out line.
Our friend Katy sat in the driveway with me to pass out candy and pink Minnie joined us in the later evening. We ran out of candy at 8:30 and happily came inside for bath and bed. The sugar crash was well timed and Abby was out before 9.
A look back... Abby last year. That sweet baby face has been replaced by a sweet little girl.
Happy Halloween All!

Happy Halloween

the BOOtiful Abby Lu

October 29, 2011

Dance Class Update

So, we are still in dance class and the past 2 weeks we have seen major improvements in Abby's listening skills and her performance. Thank goodness! I seriously almost dropped her at the end of September. I don't want to pay the money or make her go if she isn't enjoying it. I also don't want her to quit things easily. We were walking a fine line!

This is Abby and Anna at lunch one day after dance class showing you their "baby face", the song they will dance to in December.
We talked to her teachers and they felt confident she was enjoying it. She would do all the moves, talk about dance all week and try to teach Marcus and I all the moves. But, in class, she stood in the corner, refused to do what she was told, and acted shy.

The past two weeks we have danced more, done what the other kids are doing (as opposed to acting like the teacher!), and even did the solo when asked.

I'm excited to see her improve each week and am proud of her for being brave!

October 28, 2011

Pictures in the Mirror Aren't Always Recommended

I have decided that long sweaters and legging or skinny jeans are going to be my winter look- a long sweater can be so forgiving and it super comfy! I was in Macy's trying some on recently. I had to buy this red sweater because a red sweater is the most worn in my opinion- it works for fall, winter and into Valentine's Day. Plus, it can be a great Christmas look with dress pants. I don't like cranberry red or orange/red- I always want a true red sweater!
Then, I fell in love with this tunic! I love the black, orange and teal colors. It also have a middle eastern vibe which I thought was cool. I think it'll be great for date night- I have one of those this weekend!
I love the side of this one- do you see the robot?
Now, let's just get the cold weather here!

October 27, 2011

Weekend Away

Sorry for the lame blogging- I went out of town for work and then got sick. I am still sick, but my camera was full and I had a little extra time at nap, so blogging it is!

I was in Houston for a conference and it was nice- one of the first times I traveled without crying. I always hated leaving Abby. This time, I was able to take a few days and enjoy the alone time at night, the nice meals, and shopping without a stroller!

Abby had a full weekend- they met my sister and her kids on Saturday morning to watch Cohen's football team. I think Abby was more interested in the snacks and the cheerleaders. She is seriously scared of loud noises and the football game was a lot for her to handle. She will just cover her ears and get scared.
After Tech's big win on Saturday night, Abby wore her cute TTU dress that my sister made her to church. I was told that every Red Raider at church was decked out in red and black proudly. Abby loves going to the Garden of Hope at church- she always asks if she can go see Jesus.
Sunday afternoon, she went to Madison's birthday party. Abby and Madison were in daycare together until this summer. She loved seeing her old friends and bouncing at the bounce house with them. Another b-day party with old friends this weekend!
It was nice to be away and nice knowing Abby had a fun weekend with Marcus and Nana.

October 21, 2011

Abby Said What: Babies

Abby took a ride in a big buggy with her classmates in the 2 year old class during church on Sunday. While strolling, they passed the buggy of 18-24 month old kids. It is the class that Abby just left with kids almost her age. Abby announced to all of her classmates, "everyone wave at the babies".

This makes me laugh for 2 reasons:
- She is taking the role of the teacher, a common thing we see in group settings
- She is calling the other kids close to her in age "babies"

Oh Abby!

October 19, 2011

Yo Ho!

Abby's newest obsession is Jake and The Neverland Pirates. It is the cutest little Disney cartoon with three good pirates that live in Neverland and fight off the evil Captain Hook.
So, we are learning all about pirates and like to yell out Yo Ho! and Argh! and recently wore a bandana to be our own pirate. As always, Daddy is happily in full character with Abby.

October 17, 2011

Sneak Peek

We took our Christmas pictures last weekend and they are so stinking cute that I couldn't help myself, I posted them to Facebook the moment we got home!
Here are two of my favorites, minus my very favorite which will appear on our Christmas cards. We took them so early because we had a Group On, but it takes one less thing off my Christmas to do list. And, since I design our cards each year, my cards are done. Well, minus printing, stuffing, and addressing them.
Abby started off timid with the photographer, but then we gave her a lollipop and she had to hide it from Ashley (the photographer). It helped bring out some of her best looks. It was between her legs, under my hands, and even inside her hat!

October 16, 2011

Goodie Box

Abby's Mimi sent her a Halloween goodie box and she was so excited to open it. I kept it from her until Daddy got home so that he could participate in the fun.
She loves her witch hat/headband. Thank you Mimi! Her and Daddy loved their Yoda marshamallows and stickers are always a big hit!
Thanks for making her day with fun treats Mimi!

October 15, 2011

2011 Pumpkin Patch Trip

You all know I love me some pictures at the pumpkin patch! We went last Thursday with our friend Nicole and her dog, Winston. It was not crowded at all which is nice because Abby was a wild women running all over the place as I pushed an empty stroller :)
Getting a picture of her was tough this year- she doesn't sit still for long and she doesn't look at you for even less time. I'm happy I got something. We tried to get Abby and Winston together, but that was even more difficult. Both are so stinkin cute!
The pumpkins sat perfectly still for me :)
If you want to reminisce with me, here are our pumpkin pictures from 2009 and 2010.

October 14, 2011

Abby Lu's First Pedicure

I was in desperate need of a pedicure. My favorite inexpensive local place has new kid-sized pedicure chairs. My friend Johnna had just mentioned how inexpensive and exciting a pedicure was for her little girl. All together, I decided Abby would get her first real pedicure today. Can you tell how special she felt? I can not express how much I love this kid!
She sat really still for a 2.5 year old and let them trim, file and paint her 10 little piggies. They even added a cute flower on her big toes. All for $6!
She told me afterward, "this is the best time ever." I couldn't agree more!

October 12, 2011


We are seriously loving the local YMCA we joined in August! I have never been comfortable in a gym until this one- it is filled with people of all ages, all weights and lots of Moms! I'm not intimidated by the people around me and have achieved greater speed on the treadmill while excited me. My personal best thus far is a 13:26 mile. I die afterward, but I've hit it!
The kids activities are awesome- Abby likes going and always tells me "I like the Y". Sometimes I go solo at night, I've taken her to childcare in the morning, and I've even worked out while Marcus and Abby play on the playground.

In January, we are enrolling Abby in soccer at the Y. It is indoor, for 3-5 year olds and FREE for members. I like free since a 3 year old may hate soccer and we last 1 week!

One more thing, and this is contradictory to the post above, Texadelphia (where this picture was taken) has free kids meals on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and 1/2 price queso these nights also. Their kids meals are awesome and include applesauce! We shared a chicken cheesesteak and queso after our workout last week.

October 11, 2011


Time for another random blog brain dump....
  • Abby loves her new school. She goes on Tuesday and Thursday and has started talking about her friends in school by name. She also loves her teacher, asks to pray for her, and talks about her on her non-school days. When I ask her what she learned at school on the car ride home, she most often tells me, "Jesus" or "bible". Next week we are getting a CD with her Christmas program songs on it to start practicing. I love it!
  • We read Bible stories at night and really get to see how smart Abby is. She knows numerous Bible stories. I am honestly learning them with her and love the time together.
  • Dance is not going so well. I don't know what it is- she talks about it all week and tells us what she learned, but doesn't want to go on Wednesday mornings, refuses to participate in class, and lays on the ground half the time. I spoke to her teacher and they don't want to move her down to the 2 year old class because we know she can do it, she just doesn't want to do it. Marcus is going to watch this week and see what he thinks.... she isn't shy, she isn't sad, she just makes faces in the mirror or mimics the teacher most of the time.
  • We took Christmas pictures Saturday morning since I had a Groupon about to expire and I love them all. Abby didn't want to play until we gave her a lollipop to hold and hide from the camera. Worked like a charm!
  • God's love for me is illustrated through the snugglebug he gave me. Abby and I snuggle for more than an hour a day. She will just ask if we can "snuddle". She likes the bed or the couch- it makes me so very happy. I'll be sad when she outgrows it.
  • I've read lots of Moms complain about their kids having opinions about their clothes recently. I still have complete closet control. I don't take it for granted.
  • Bedtime is getting a little better- we don't cry much, but do sneak out for books and toys. Every morning when she awakes, she walks into our bedroom and tells us, "Good Morning. I took a GOOOOOD nap." Cuteness!
  • Finally, we must be doing a great job with confidence. Abby walked up to the mirror in Target this weekend, looked at herself and said, "how beautiful". Love her!

October 10, 2011

Sitting Sideways

My Dad always had a big recliner that was his chair when we were growing up. I distinctly remember that chair and him watching TV in it inside the back porch he converted into a TV room. I loved to sit in that chair sideways. I caught Abby doing the same thing last week.
Mind you, I was watching a fuzzy TV that was housed in a wooden case that weighed 500 pounds and required me to get up and turn the dial to see what else is on. Abby was playing angry birds on the iPad.
She was a happy girl. One day, she won't fit in the chair like that and we'll both be sad!

October 08, 2011


We had a whole bunch of girls and 2 guys at our house on Friday morning for play and lunch. It was wild and crazy and we loved it! I dreamed of playgroups for a long time!
I work hard with Abby on being well mannered and she did a great job greeting all her friends and the door and hugging everyone goodbye. We'll keep working on the middle part- sharing our toys!

October 07, 2011

Austin Zoo

Last Friday morning Abby and I met our friends Tabriah, Kiersten and Kaylinn at the Austin Zoo. We planned this day weeks ago and it turned out to be perfect weather!
The girls do so well together- we really love seeing them. Kiersten one year and a few days older than Abby and I love seeing what is next! Kaylinn is 7 months younger than Abby so they also play well together. The girls ran around the zoo, shared snacks with each other, and wanted sunglasses to be like each other. Girlfriends for sure!
The zoo is small and easily managed in a few hours. It is not fancy at all and relies heavily on the support of donors. Many of the animals have even been rescued. The pig was by far the largest I have ever seen- his ears were larger than my hands. He just grunted at us- I can't imagine what is costs to feed him each month.
For $1 they sell a sack of feed that you can give to the hoofed animals- llamas, goats, deer, etc. It was the most fun to watch the girls just giggle at the animals licking their hands. Abby came home with a shirt covered in llama slobber. Try saying that more than once!
We are officially zoo people! We have visited Waco (2 times), San Antonio, Fort Worth and now Austin. We plan to visit Abilene Zoo next month and heard Houston has a great zoo! To date, Waco is our favorite!

October 06, 2011

Cabo Trip, part 3

Staying on the resort for all but 3 hours of our 6 days was a good plan!

They had a professional photographer on hand and for $15 you got a CD and 5x7 photo of your choice. Marcus and I took pictures just before the wedding on Saturday when we were dressed up. We had a couple great ones to pick from!
As you would imagine, we spent most of our time in the pool! We would get to breakfast around 8:30 (9:30 our time) and then head straight to the pool! It was nice to be there early before the rowdy guests arrived when the bar opened at 10.
By late morning, our wedding friends had arrived each day. I loved vacationing with a big group- everyone got along and you had someone else to talk with! The bride and groom (right picture below) also spent lots of time with their wedding guests. By the time the wedding came along, you knew everyone there!
One thing I did learn, I like alcohol provided it is free, frozen, fruity and in a foreign country. I have never been a big drinker, but frozen drinks poolside are delicious! I can still say I have never been drunk (not interested in that at all!), but I did enjoy drinking more than normal. My favorite- the Changuita. It was a pina colada with banana in it!
Marcus was super excited they had a hammock and he read a little in it. Old man ;)
We did venture in Cabo San Lucas one morning and toured the market where I bought Abby a Mexican dress and my Mom some Mexican vanilla and Marcus played golf one morning.
There is a pharmacia on every corner downtown and they cater to Americans without prescriptions or insurance. They had all kinds of drugs included all of the ED drugs! This old man made me laugh!

Saturday night was the beach side wedding. The bridesmaids looked beautiful in bright pink and colorful flowers. It was hot, but thankfully a little breeze from the water cooled us down.
Marcus and I commented this might be the first "adult" wedding we have attended. None of the traditional elements every 22 year old has were there. Katy and Ike shared their own vows- they were very emotional and heartfelt. The hotel did a wedding video- you can see it and here their vows here.
The reception was near the adult only pool and happened as the sun went down. Their first dance was original- Free by Zac Brown Band. The wedding party loved to dance and they ended up dancing in the fountain!
We had a wonderful vacation- so glad we went and we'd recommend Cabo to anyone!

October 05, 2011

Fun with Hats

Last week while my Mom was here, we ran to the mall. I needed new running shoes and ended up buying sandals. Go figure! While Mom was looking for new sunglasses, Abby and I had a little fashion show!
One of the benefits of a child with a big head- she can wear adult hats!
We had so much fun trying on all these different hats- she even put on great big ones a-la-Kate Middleton.
I told Marcus I don't want to spend adult prices on a hat, but these would be fun 1/2 off later in the season.

October 02, 2011

Cabo Trip, part 2

The way Cabo is situated on the map and the location of our resort on the peninsula meant that getting in the water was dangerous and prohibited. There is an area that you can get in the water on Cabo- it was about a mile from our resort so we didn't bother.

The waves were huge! They would gain momentum and get so tall that the weight of them would curl and then they would crash down. Our best guess is that they were 6 plus feet tall. They looked 10 feet tall to me!

Even though we couldn't get in the water, we did love hearing the waves, watching the tide come in, and walking in the white sand.

October 01, 2011

Cabo Trip, part 1

Marcus and I were invited to attend the wedding of our friends Katy and Ike in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We had never been to Cabo and were excited to spend a week relaxing in a pool. The Dreams Resort where we stayed was amazing!

We left for Cabo on the early morning flight! We flew out of Austin at 7 AM and had a short layover in Dallas before flying just under 3 hours to Cabo. Super easy and quick flight to get to a beach! I'd recommend Cabo for the ease of arrival over most any Mexican destination.
We had a suburban pick us up at the airport and drive us the 20 plus minutes to the resort. Cabo is a desert island, so there are mountains, cactus, and lots of dirt until you reach the edge where the Sea of Cortez meets the land.
The resort was amazing- beautiful Spanish style. The lobby was completely open with a series of hallways and fountains, stone designs in the flooring, and amazing views down to the pool and the sea.
They had palm trees and lush greenery all around. I can only imagine the upkeep it takes in the desert.
All of the guests in our group had suites. Marcus and I had 2 double beds- ha! The suite included a kitchenette and a small living area with a couch and desk. Our patio looked down onto the adult pool.
The pool on the left was the main pool. It was big and bright blue! It had activities at the pool throughout each day- water aerobics, paper airplanes, yoga, etc. The adult pool was much calmer with fountains, spa music, poolside massages and a softer look and feel. Both pools had swim up bars!
The resort was all inclusive- food, drinks, activities, etc. were all part of your stay. We tried each of the restaurants and enjoyed coming back to the room late afternoon to get dressed for dinner.
We dined with friends a few nights and solo a few nights. We had Asian food, Mexican food, steak and Italian.

Breakfast each morning was lavish! There was a huge buffet where you could get most anything and then enjoy the sounds of the waves and the breeze off the water. I loved these "cream cheese pillows" each morning. It was like a sugar-coated doughnut filled with cream cheese.
A sign of a good restaurant to me- a good dinner salad. I loved the presentation of the wrapped cucumber and then my caesar at the Italian restaurant was stuffed into a bell pepper ring. Genius!

More to come!


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