May 26, 2007

Another day older....

well here is the double 3 year...I turn 33 on Sunday, and I had the great chance to have a bunch of friends come help me bring it in today....I want to thank everyone that could make it, and everyone that had well wishes, calls and texts...

Anna set us up a nice dinner at the county line, where we had lots of fun....

The Mizes got to color...

The Kemps got cake...

James contimplates taking up mining...

Jess got to be a bit silly...or maybe this is normal...

And to be ....just Eric.

It was a lot of fun, and I am so glad that I have all the great friends that I have!

May 19, 2007

Last night with a hooker...

Relax...the hooker was just Julia Roberts.

We went to one of the great Austin shows down here, the Master Pancake theater at Alamo Draft House.

For those that have never experienced MP theater, or Mystery Science theater, its just basically heckling movies. We'd been for Footloose, and now we went back for the story about a hooker with a heart of gold, and a steep price of $300.

We got to watch as the three hecklers pointed out he wide acting range of Richard Gere from Stoic Stoicism, to deadpan intensity.

The sparks flew off the screen from the attraction between Julia and Richard. And we laughed a whole bunch.

Put this on the list with Footloose as 'movies I can no longer see without laughing at them'

May 15, 2007

Call for Reinforcement!

I couldn't take a second day of entertaining the kids alone, so I called my cousin Kristi and she brought her kids to the water park to help entertain Kyleigh and Cohen.

It was fun to watch each childs fears about the splashing water slowly dwindle. Landry went from barely touching her finger to the water to running underneath it with a smile.

Baby Bella spent the time sitting near the water and having the older kids splash and pour water on her little legs.

Here are the four kids in what I hope are many more cousins pictures to come. Kristi and I are about 18 months apart and we have tons of pics growing up together. I love seeing those start with Bella, Kyleigh, Landry, and Cohen.

May 14, 2007

A LONG Day at the Park

Late Sunday night we received a call that my sister had fallen and hurt her knee. The ambulance took her to the hospital where they found she had popped her knee cap out. They sedated her and put it back into place, but it left her very sore. Since I had taken Monday and Tuesday off work following a hard week, I volunteered to take the kids for a couple of days.

They awoke bright and early on Monday and we were off to the park before 9:00 AM. Here is Kyleigh and another neighborhood kid peeking out of the treehouse.

Marcus had to work, but skipped out for an extra long lunch to play. He surprised us on the playground. You can tell the kids love being goofy with Marcus!

After the park, we drove over to the Arboretum to have Thundercloud subs in the park. Everyone liked climbing on the cows. This one was decided to be a vanilla cow that makes vanilla (white) milk.

All my love and respect to the stay-at-home Mom! I hope to join you one day, but learned the 2 kids-to-one adult ratio is harder than I thought! One kid-to 2 adults is much better!

May 12, 2007

Chicago Vacation is Coming!

October 2004- This is the last time we went on a vacation together! It has been way too long!

We are super excited to be going on vacation at the end of the month. Both Marcus and I have had a very busy month and are looking forward to spending time together.
We will be headed to Chicago! We have plans to see a Cubs game, see the Memorial Day fireworks at the Navy Pier, shop on the Magnificent Mile and see a couple of museums and shows.
Watch the countdown above and stay tuned for pictures as our Chicago vacation arrives!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Every year my Mom and I celebrate Mother's Day with pedicures. We had fun this morning with brunch at Chez Zee and then pretty painted toes to enjoy this beautiful warm weather!

Happy Day Mom!

May 11, 2007

Mo's 70th Birthday Gala

Thursday night I was able to plan a 70th Birthday Gala for Mo Anderson, the Vice-Chair of the Board for Keller Williams. She is an amazing woman with a heart and faith bigger than anyone I have ever seen. She has so many friends, family, and associates that wanted to be there. Many flew from all over the country to celebrate. The event was sold out and we had almost 800 people in attendance.

It was a magical night with surprise family and friends, including 2 of Mo's college girlfriends. I hope my college girlfriends are at my 70th birthday!

I had a lot of fun planning the evening- it was my chance to have a creative event with fancy linens, piano players and a 28" tall birthday cake lit with 70 candles! This is what everything thinks of event planning, but I rarely get to plan this kind of a party!

Check out my favroite part- we put blue gels on the underlighting of the ballroom ceiling to make it look and feel festive.

Happy Birthday Mo!

May 04, 2007

Family Feud Jenkins style

Friday night our bilbe life group got together at the church for a little clean fun... or so we thought! After a hearty Cuatro de Mayo mexican potluck dinner, we busted out a game of Family Feud... boys versus girls.

However, after intermission our game show host spiced things up and each team was able to steal a player from the other team. Us women looked at the men and proclaimed, "they can offer us nothing." In the end, the women picked the funny one and Marcus joined the girls.
The men, going for the win, chose me. Some may call it ruthless, some may call it competitive, but in the end, I call in victorious! The men + Anna = Winners!

All of the game show madness drove our host, Randy, a little bit crazy!

Marcus would like to point out that had he taken his points from round one, he would have won the game. Can you say SORE LOSER? Yep, LOSER!

May 02, 2007

The Time of My Life!

Tonight I went to see the 20th Anniversary re-release of Dirty Dancing with my friends Heather and Kathy. Can you believe it has been 20 years! Wow!

The studio was filled with women- we counted 12 men total in a full theater. I know it was 12 because a group of women would stand and cheer for them and announce, "its a man!" everytime one entered. Marcus is confident they lost a bet!

It was so much fun to be in a theater of people who have seen the movie and know every line. Everyone cheered and booed and said the lines back.

In the final scene when Lisa Houseman performs at the talent show, the movie audio went out. But, no worries! Everyone in the crowd sang along in place of the movie audio. Luckily it came back on for Johnny to enter the room and proclaim, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner."

I had the time of my life...


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