December 26, 2014

Year Five in Review

Somehow my sweet little baby will turn six on Monday! I seriously love the little person she is becoming- less of a baby and more of a little girl each day. 

Here is a look back at a favorite picture from each month of our 5th year....

January- I marveled that you still let me dress you. And, that still holds true 12 months later. Your lack of interest in what you are wearing has saved us many fights and I still love picking out your clothes each night. Dressing you is great fun!

February- you make the best faces! I'm sure you get that from your Daddy. I love your squinchy nose face the best.

March- I am so lucky that we spend so much time together. I'll never regret quitting my full time job. It changed our family dynamic for the best forever!

April- I can send you to Nana's house and miss you within minutes of drop off. I swear after a few days I pick you up and you've grown so much. You always seem so mature after a few days away.

May- you graduated from preschool this month. Woah. I knew our summer would fly by and it sure did. It was a fun night to celebrate your end of preschool with all of your grandparents.

June- we swam all summer long! This mermaid was your favorite swim suit which says a lot since you have a drawer full. This was the summer you really conquered your fear of jumping in the water and became a braver swimmer.

July- We take lots of family selfies on the way to church!

August- first day of kindergarten! You have never once complained about school and are doing so well. I love seeing you grow academically and socially in school. 

September- we took a boat ride around Austin to dinner on a school night. You were so excited and well behaved and did well the next day at school. I'm amazed at how versatile you can be!

October- you played tee ball this month and did so well. It is the first sport where you've excelled and it was fun cheering on you and your team. You practiced during the week in the backyard and were a strong hitter and thrower. Catching the ball was tough for you... and most of your team.

November- you lost your second tooth in November while Momma was away on business. It just came out one afternoon in the car after school. Luckily, Nana was quick and took a picture for me. You have lost 3 teeth so far this year!

December- we have had lots of fun celebrating Christmas this year with you. I know lots of things won't be cool in just a few years, so we are celebrating all we can while you have an interest.


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