July 30, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow...

... I love you tomorrow, it is only a day away!
Tomorrow is our 10th wedding anniversary and we are spending the weekend at Westin La Cantera in San Antonio. It is our very favorite hotel (outside of Hawaii!). Abby is staying home with her Nana for the weekend. They have lots of kisses, naps, and HGTV planned. We plan to sleep in, eat in, and lounge poolside with a fruity frozen drink all weekend long. The only thing on our schedule is spa appointments- I can not wait!

Follow Up to her Ear Infection

This morning was Abby's follow up appointment for her ear infection. Dr. Sperling confirmed she is all clear and healthy! Yea!
We also learned that it was behind her ear drum which is caused internally and not on her ear drum which is external, i.e. water in her ear from bath time or swimming. That was good to know and we are back to the pool ASAP!
Can you tell how she likes to spend time waiting for the doctor to come in?
I was able to capture her tiny little feet in these pictures. Can you see how narrow they are? They are totally her Daddy's feet- flat and thin in the back. I was able to get her into some size 1 shoes last weekend. The back strap was as tight as possible, but they stayed on!

July 29, 2009

Happy 7 Months Sweet Girl

Abby Lu is 7 months old today. Here are some of her favorites:
  • Flying all over the house in Daddy's arms
  • Her 5 AM bottle :)
  • The book on her exersaucer
  • Peas!
  • Sitting at the table at school
  • Praise Baby DVDs and Yo Gabba Gabba shows
  • Daddy's keyboard
  • Sucking her top lip and twisting her tongue
  • Water- bathtime or swimming pool
  • Baby Einstein aquarium in my car
  • Sitting up
  • Sonic cups and the red straw
  • the remote control
  • her lightswitch

Abby currently eats any of these foods- chicken, beef, peas, avocado, sweet potatoes, squash, banana, and apple. She also has rice cereal. She eats 2 T of rice and 2 T of a veggie each morning at school and at night has 3-4 T of any combination of a meat, veggie or fruit. She also drinks water from a sippy cup with her meals. She has 4 bottles per day and 1/2 of a middle of the night bottle daily. She isn't crawling or scooting yet. She is vocal- saying mamamama or screaming for fun! I wouldn't count her babble as a first word yet. She is wearing 6-12 months clothes and her newborn shoes! She wears a size 3 diaper.

She is the lights of our lives and we are so excited to continue watching her grow! Here is a look back at her birthday months.

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months

Winter and Summer

It is a hot summer day, but in Abby's mouth it was winter- winter squash that is! I am still making her food and loving it! I took Kelly's advice and buy a package of one item to ensure she likes it before I make it in mass. We do have peas, sweet potatoes, and avocado in the freezer! I can't puree meat. I just can't do it so we buy chicken and beef and it smells like cat food. I hold my nose!So, tonight's squash was well consumed! Last week at HEB I found these and Abby has loved the bananas and now the squash. They are 2/99 cents and come in these plastic pouches instead of jars. They smell amazing- like real food. The ingredients are simple- bananas or squash. Nothing else! They are from Chef Tyler Lawrence as he was wanting to make baby food for his son. I highly recommend them!
Since it is summer, we played in the froggy pool before dinner. She loves water- she plays in it, splashes it, face plants in it and just takes it all in. This pitcher is from bath time and she loves to just stare at the water pouring out and pouring onto her hand. You can really see her brain working in her focus.

I did learn Marcus does not like squash tonight. I have him taste the food before we serve it to her and tonight I just gave him a spoonful on the back porch while they were playing in the pool. He made a nasty face and spit it out- I had no idea he didn't like squash.

Scooting with Daddy

I read on a blog recently about a baby Abby's age that was getting close to crawling. It made me wonder if she can crawl yet and I realized, when she is home with us, we don't have her on the floor often to test her skills. She is always being held, flying in the air with Daddy, sitting in the bouncer or bumbo, or playing in the saucer. Tonight we tried it out- her teachers at school recommended we put her boppy under her belly to help her out. She didn't show much interest in scooting. We'll keep trying!While she was on the ground and not looking, Daddy jumped in and started monster kissing her on the ear and neck. Monster kisses are kisses that are super loud and grumbly. She laughs and tries to get away from us. It is fun!

After the kisses were over, she smiled with Daddy for the camera. I love those blue eyes which obviously didn't come from Daddy!

July 28, 2009

Meet Wyatt Roy

This is the long awaited BOY for my friend Chandra and her husband Tandy. Isn't he sweet!
Wyatt is a prince among princesses and his Daddy knew he was a boy since the week 20 sonosgram and kept it a secret from everyone including Chandra. Amazing! That wouldn't go over so well in my house.
I loved holding his sweet little fuzzt body today on my lunch hour. It just makes those crazy afternoon meetings seem so much less important.

This is Baby #3 of 4 in our circle of friends for this month. We are awaiting baby Kaylinn any day now!

July 27, 2009

Oh Momma...

... these jeans are too small for me!
I really wasn't trying to teach Abby how to suck it in to her "skinny jeans" this weekend, but I packed an outfit for her to change into that she has outgrown. Don't worry, I didn't keep them on her for long!
Also, check out her red sippy cup. We officially moved her to the sippy cup for her mealtime water this weekend. This is by far the best cup and we have tried a few! It is a no spill cup, has a great tight fitting lid, the handles stay aligned with the sippy opening, and she drinks out of it easily. It is called a Nuby and is sold at Target.

July 25, 2009

Meet Addison Rose

This is sweet 7 day old Addison Rose. Her Mommy and Marcus worked together and are now friends. He went to visit her this afternoon and take her a bib made just for her.

I stayed home to make sure Abby Lu didn't leave any germs with Addison. I remember that feeling!

Congrats Carrie and Brian! Addison is just beautiful. We hope she eats, sleeps and poops well :)

I am not Chicken...

I can eat beef, too!

Funday Friday

I made the most of my 2 days off and enjoyed seeing friends and family on Friday. We left at 8 and drove to Bulverde (north of San Antonio) to visit my girlfriend Alison and her kids. She had VBS duty in the nursery that morning, so we got to play!
This is Abby's first time to swing! She seemed to enjoy it- she just sat back and took it all in. She had just eaten so we did a very light version for a very short time!After swinging we went into the nursery and found this cool car. The whole thing is stuffed so it was all around her and allowed her to sit up comfortably. She enjoyed checking herself out in the mirror!
After VBS was over, we had a yummy lunch at Alison's house and let the kids play together. Four kids under the age of 6 was fun to watch. It was like constantly counting to 4 to make sure everyone was accounted for. Gus and Georgia were moving all about, so we didn't get a goob picture of the group, but here is Georgia helping me push Abby to our car.

We left Bulverde and drove 30 minutes to New Braunfels to see my sister, Kyleigh and Cohen. Kyleigh and Tiffany were teaching Abby how to patty cake. She had fun learning! I was visiting Tiffany to drop off shoes. My feet have grown a little and my style of shoes has changed a lot. I brought more than 50 pair for her to go through. She took about 25 pair. I have a co-worker that wants to see the remaining pairs and then they are off to charity. I got rid of most of my super high heels (not practical), shoes left from college (lots of Mary Janes!) and random shoes that I never wear, like the super cute flip flops that make noise when I walk. I just couldn't hold onto them any longer. So, I now have room to restock with shoes I'll actually wear.

July 23, 2009

I Like to Sit Up

I don't think this is how it is supposed to be used! She isn't fond of leaning back- in the bathtub, in her car seat and now in her bouncer! She watched a 30 minute video of Yo Gabba Gabba in this position. The video was about dancing and Abby was able to kick and dance around without falling over. I am amazed at how quickly she has gone from rolling to sitting to sitting well.

What a Wonderful Day

I have today and tomorrow off of work- our office is closed to recharge after our meeting last week in Arlington. I have fun times planned for both days. Today Marcus took Abby to school and I slept late (until 9:30!!!) and then I worked on a pending craft project. I then picked Abby up from school and we went to the mall so that I could use my Coach gift cards. They were a gift from my office for planning our annual meeting. Here is my cute new purse- it only cost me $48!
Afterward, we met a friend for lunch. After yummy hummus and pizza, I drove downtown to meet my Mom. A mid-afternoon baby fix makes everyday better! My Mom works downtown, so I got to snap Abby's first picture with the capitol.
Today was also our first day to use our new super light and compact umbrella stroller. It weighs only 11 pounds and doesn't take up much space in my car. It can actually fit in the backside floorboard. She seemed to do well in it and even slept some. Today was so much fun and tomorrow has even more fun in store! We are going to visit an old friend of mine and see Tiffany, Kyleigh and Cohen. I also will be near Centerpoint Station which means a vanilla malt is in store!

I Can't Keep them Still!

She kicks and she kicks and she kicks!
After bath time Tuesday night, we took some pics of our sweet naked baby girl on the bed. She makes me laugh- she just loves post-bath time and she expresses it with her kicking!

July 20, 2009

Peas and Mum Mums

We are having so much fun introducing new foods each week! I love seeing her grow her pallette with healthy fruits and vegetables and hope it makes her strong and healthy as she grows.

Sunday night we introduced peas. This was, by far, the most she has eaten of a new food to date. She ate them all and Marcus ended up feeding her a second serving. She preferred the peas over the applesauce. Peas will be very easy to make for her- bag of frozen peas, steamed and blended in my Baby Cook. No chopping necessary! Sunday at lunch we also gave her a baby Mum Mum. A physician told me about them at the party Saturday night. His daughter is 7 months old and she was eating one. They gave me a cracker for Abby to try. It is made of rice and flour and is much like her rice cereal. She did a great job chewing on it and ate almost all of it. She isn't so good with the puffs or dried fruit pieces yet since they are so small, but these work well. I need to go to Wal-Mart to find some for her.

Is this not the cutest face you've ever seen?

Party at the new Cowboys Stadium

Isn't my husband a lucky man? I not only hooked him up with a couple of cheerleaders this weekend, but I also covered for him and made him take a picture with them. I also realized while taking said picture that I had zoomed in too much and had to zoom out to get the best part(s) for him!
Seriously, I did have an event at Cowboys Stadium this weekend and we paid to have cheerleaders there for photos and autographs. I have autographed pics for Abby's scrapbook and Kyleigh. I opted to take my pic with the bartenders- the one on the left looks just like Michael Crabtree who played for Texas Tech. He said he gets that often. The one on the right just wanted in the picture. I told him he didn't look like anyone famous and he laughed and during the picture kept rattling off men he could look like- Mike Tyson, George Foreman, etc. I was so excited to have my sweet baby girl at the party with me. She wore a cute pink and brown football outfit I made for her. No cowboys gear in this house! My "60" shirt is for our company's 60th anniversary meeting.
The party had 230 people and a LONG waiting list! They all took private tours of the stadium and most were there to see the largest TV in the world which hangs in the stadium. I don't ever want to see my face or body that large! The TV is 180 feet long!

This is the view from our suite looking toward the end zone. Those large glass panels open up and take 18 minutes to fully open creating what Jerry Jones' is claiming as the biggest tailgate party opportunity!

During my meeting this week, our Saturday night party was in a suite at the new Cowboys Stadium. We were practically on the field. The suite will be used during games as the restaurant/bar/lounge with people who bought a private suite. Those privates suites start at over 1 million dollars and that does not include tickets! Goodness! Here are some pics of the suite set for our party.

The star hangs from the ceiling and is huge! This is the players entrance to the game- their locker room is next door to this suite. The floor on this walkway is much like a spongy track surface and has lights on the floor that can be various colors.
The suite can hold 600 people and includes 2 bars, 4 large screens and more TVs than I counted! We displayed our logo and also showed the video of the stadium being built.
This suite is connected to the media room which is connected to the locker room. Before our event, the media room was being used for interviews about Sunday's Gold Cup soccer match. Spanish TV reporters were also walking in the suite doing sound bits. I may be on Spanish ESPN!

Here is one of the simple centerpieces we did and the pretty linens I ordered.

Planning the President's Party each year is the most fun! I get to be creative and I love it! Next year we are in San Antonio and the event will be kid-friendly. Time to get to work!

Abby's 3rd Hotel Visit

Marcus and Abby came to visit me at my meeting this weekend and she slept in her pod and did much better than the last time we were in a hotel. I am so gald we had it- I was exhausted and would not have been much good to her or my coworkers had she been up all night! My cell phone made more noise than Abby did!Not only did she sleep in her pod, but it was the perfect recliner for her to watch her videos while Daddy got ready, unpacked, prepped food, etc. Praise Baby DVDs save our life!
Thank you again to Tabriah for sharing Keirsten and Kaylinn's pod with us!

Annual Convention

In the random, what does Anna do for a living again.... here are some pictures from my annual convention in Arlington this past week.
On Friday, two of my coworkers and I all wore black pants and animal prints! This is the registration area. This is our largest meeting but smaller than the other groups I have planned for. We had about 400 people in attendance.
This is the welcome area that transitioned from registration to the exhibit hall. We had about 70 companies inside the hall selling vitamins, medical supplies, textbooks, staffing services and more!
This is the main entrance to the registration and exhibits area. This sign went through 7 versions and was approved via my Blackberry on the way to the show on Tuesday!

Finally, here is the cool stage in our general session. I love the simple design and wish I had taken a picture of it with the lighting done. It looked great!

Abby Lu and Blythe

Last Sunday afternoon I spent a few hours at my friend Natalie's house helping her set-up her cross wall in her new beuatiful home. We both have large cross collections and hanging them is an art!
Blythe woke up from her nap to entertain Abby while we worked. Can you tell how much Abby likes Blythe? She was staring at her the whole time and played well with her.

July 17, 2009

While Momma is Away...

Sorry for the blurry pics (they were taken with Marcus' "business tool" aka his crappy Blackberry. While I am in Arlington for my annual convention, Marcus has been sending me pictures each day to keep me in touch with Abby's day. Seriously, I need to know what she wore, did and how she felt on Wednesday morning :)
This might just be the funniest pic of her to date... what do you think this face means?On Wednesday she gave me her "huh" face when my Dallas Cowboys fan club welcome packet came in the mail. I joined for work to save us money on the centerpieces for our party tomorrow night at the new stadium. I can't wait to frame my Jerry Jones welcome letter- NOT!
Thursday Abby, Daddy and our friend Bill and his daughter Mackenzie went swimming. It is hard work for our baby girl to stay up past 6:30, especially when swimming action is involved. I can just smell her in this picture.Finally, today's pic featured the carpet of our pediatrician's waiting room! Apparently Abby Lu has a bad ear infection which has led to a rash. I didn't know those went together. I don't think she noticed the ear infection at all, so we had no idea. So much to learn! I'll see my baby girl tomorrow and can't wait!


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