March 31, 2007

Day 2 with Coco

Cohen got to have fun with Auntie and Marcus today....first..he had to wait patiently for me to return with the donuts....
Then we took pictures in the blue bonnets...

and finally we went to the park where Cohen practiced his Brett Favre imitation...

Fun stuff!

March 30, 2007

Rub A Dub Dub

One of my favorite times with Kyleigh was bath time. This weekend we are keeping Cohen for the first time and bath time with him is just as fun.

Cohen and Marcus discovered that our bath tub "bounces". The fun bath balls can bounce off the tile that surrounds the garden tub and splash back into the water. It was a good 30 minutes of laughs!

I love giving Cohen a little mohawk..... I'm positive it looks better that the faux-hawk Sanjaya sported on AI this week.

My Thirty One-derful Day!

I had a wonderful birthday celebration! Marcus and I went to dinner at Castle Hill Cafe. It was yummy! I had a southwestern green-chile lime salad... thanks for the recommendation Andrea... with blue corn empandadas. Marcus had a shrimp with poblano cream risotto. Plus, the bread pudding was to die for!

Thanks to everyone who sent me messages via snail mail, email, voicemail and text mail! It was a fun day!

Marcus surprised me the day before my birthday with these pretty tulips or "two-lips" as Marcus would say.

In addition to the new Tim McGraw CD (isn't he kind to release his new CD for me on my birthday!), I got this wonderful tray for reading and unfortunately working in bed.

March 29, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Here it is, March 29th...Anna's Birthday!

And for about 30 times is going to rain on her birthday!

You'll notice that Anna has already posted that it will be her birthday today......little faith in the hubby.....I did remember to post...but I just got up a little later.... ;P

Happy birthday sweetie!


Happy Birthday TIffany!

Happy Birthday to you-

Happy Birthday to you-

Happy Birthday Dear Tiffany,

Happy Birthday to you!

Love, Anna

..... yes, my sister and I do share the same birthday. She is the big 2-7!

Today I am Thirty One-derful! (Thank you Brandi for my new mantra)

There are more than 31 blessings in my life, so I do truly feel wonderful! Here's hoping 31 brings me even more blessings and all the things I am praying for....


PS According to Marcus' quick wit, next year will be thirty two-old! :)

March 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Alison!

Happy Birthday Ms Alison! You deserve a wonderful day and a beautiful year.

Your present is in the mail.... I promise!



March 26, 2007

tale of two weekends

Well this weekend, Anna and I had ourselves a little time seperate..with our co workers...(we don't see these people enough during the week...?)

Anna went off to the Lakeway resort...and had a nice relaxing time, getting a massage, escaping to Fredricksburg, and just lounging at the pool with her co worker Stormy.

I, on the other hand, had my co worker Keith come in from Houston, and we ran 6 miles in the cap 10K. Keith, I'm sorry. Tomorrow is REALLY going to hurt. Day two is always the worst.

Race pics to follow when the publish! Should be next week. Unless I look as bad as I really felt. Then...Sorry! no race pics! Maybe next year!



March 16, 2007

Bleepin' Red Raiders

Our interpretation of Bobby Knight after Tech's first round loss to BC: "What in the bleep was that bleep goin' on there? The refs are full of bleep. They wouldn't bleep a bleep if it bleeping bleeped them."

Marcus' feelings after seeing Tech lose and his bracket become a see of red scratch marks: "Why the bleep did I pick bleeping Texas Tech to be in the bleeping Sweet Sixteen. I should have bleeping known that if they thought we were going to win, we'd bleeping blow it.

Anna's thoughts on being the only person in the pool to have chosen Boston College: "Bleepin' Idiots!"

March 14, 2007

The Famous Keller Williams Events Team

This is a fun little picture the Keller Williams events team took before our big event in Las Vegas next month. Every KW department took a picture for the event's staff slide show. Pictured left to right are Cristina, Stormi, Andrea, Anna, Mary, Brandi, Andrea, and Cathy.

Aren't we perky!

March 11, 2007

Bill's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Bill!

Its been over 25 years that Bill and I have known each other and celebrated birthdays together! The latest one is 33.....that is Scottie Pippen's number when he played with Chicago in the magical Jordan era. Come on, this has to be a good year!

Anyway, we had a nice dinner with Steve, Bill and his clan, down at Romeos last night..

They've been charting Mac's growth against Steve....she is oh so close to the same hand size....

Everyone had fun, and Steve enjoyed his meal. Maybe too much.

Its also the first day of the new time change, which, because its 3 weeks early this year, has caused more havok on electronic devices than Y2K.
Well, at least I have my excuse to be an hour late for work....right?

March 10, 2007


I owe Kyleigh an apology. She did not give me the flu. I was sure that sharing Dippin' Dots with her on Friday night caused me to get sick. I just knew I had the flu.

After missing work for the 4th straight day on Friday, Marcus took me to the doctor and I do not have the flu. I do have a nasty sinus infection and seeped down into my throat. The cause is not from Kyleigh.

So, I'm sorry Kyleigh. I should not have called you a punk and vowed to never share Dippin' Dots with you again.

Love, Auntie

PS Medicine is fabulous! I'll be good as new by Monday.

March 07, 2007

Not Such a Pretty Picture

This looks pretty, but oh no it is not pretty! It is the FLU!

Little Miss Kyleigh gave me the flu! I've been home for 2 days now with a nasty cough, a runny nose and a voice that alternates between a growling monster and a young boy experiencing puberty. I think the worst of it is behind me and I hope to be normal tomorrow morning.

I do have to say that Marcus is the best doctor in all the land. He has made drink runs for me, offered to go get liquid Nyquil at 3:00 AM when I couldn't swallow the pills, and even worked from home so that I could have his round the clock care. I'm a lucky girl!


March 04, 2007


I had high hopes of great pics and exciting posts for the weekend. Marcus was out of town, so I had big plans with Kyleigh on Friday night and Cohen on Saturday night. Kyleigh and I were going to shop for shoes, eat ice cream, go to a birthday party with real live ponies, bake cookies, and do craft projects. Cohen and I were going to play in the park!

It didn't work as planned. Kyleigh woke up Saturday morning sick. Her stomach hurt so much, she didn't even want doughnuts with sprinkles. I knew something was wrong. She got worse as the day went on and I ended up giving her to her Mom on Saturday afternoon just before she threw up! Timing is everything! The change in plans prevented Cohen from coming home with me.

This morning, I woke up with a cold. I am coughing and feel like something is tickling my throat. Not good. I have a lot of work to do and a cold has not been scheduled into my busy week.



March 01, 2007

Happy 6th Birthday Miss Landry!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Miss Landry,

Happy Birthday to you!
(Landry's Mom Billye is one of my very best friends.)


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