May 31, 2010

Porter Party

Look who is walking all over the place! We have to remember to not carry her everywhere- it is all we've ever known! Then, we have to remember to walk slowly and let her make her way. It really is a whole new adventure!
After lunch and naps, we went to our friends, The Porters for a pool party. We spent last Memorial Day at their house as well. We just love their hospitality, beautiful spread of food, and unbelievably relaxing backyard.
Last year, she sat in this chair with Marcus and this time around she was Miss Independent. She sat in this chair for a good hour. She would swing and just smile. She also spent time in here showing off her animal sound skills for Marcus' co-worker Debbie.

Abby also spent some time floating in the pool. This was her third day in a row in the pool. Luckily, we've covered her in SPF 50 all three days and she didn't get any sun. Marcus and I should have slathered ourselves as diligently!

We've had such a wonderful 3 day weekend. I have just loved the time with family! I can't believe tomorrow is June and the end of the month we will have a 1 1/2 year old. Amazing. God is just so good to us- I am so blessed.

May 30, 2010

Retro Kids Chair

Thanks to my girlfriend Tabriah, we now have a small outdoor chair for Abby that matches our red retro chairs! Everywhere I had looked the chairs looked like kid chairs. With floor to ceiling windows in our living room looking onto the patio, I didn't want a Barbie chair! Look at this little girl trying to be just like her Daddy!
She watched him put screws in the holes and practiced with her screw over and over!

She didn't want to let it go when he needed it at the end!

Once she realized it was a chair, she wanted in it immediately and it was still being put together!

Aaah, finally, my new chair!

We just love it! Now we all have a place to sit and Abby can get in and out of hers much easier! If you are looking for a chair, they are under $20 and found here.

May 29, 2010

Happy 17 Months

Our sweet spunky funny little girl is 17 months old today! She is growing and changing everyday and amazes us with the amount of new things she can learn each day.
She loves to swing and can say and sign the word. She knows when we pull into the parking lot at our local parks and gets so excited. She repeatedly says "Yeah" and kicks her feet! She can swing for.ever. We get tired of pushing her and being outside long before she is done. The opposite of the "Yeah" we get upon arrival is kicking our feet and saying "no" and "more wing" when we leave. With Abby, you always know where you stand ;)
She has the fairest of skin- it is just beautiful. We are doing all we can to protect our little fair child who loves to be outdoors. She smells of sunscreen daily as they spray her down at school everyday just to take her to the playground.

We have discovered our tongue and like to put it on one side of our mouth and just leave it there. We thought it was to combat teething, but now we think she just likes it. Abby can point on herself and you the following: nose, ears, eyes, teeth, tongue, cheeks, arms, hands, belly, knee, feet. She likes to just randomly say nose and poke at yours while you hold her.

Yo Gabba Gabba is a big hit in our house still. She can say Gabba and Foofa (a character on the show). We bought tickets to see them when they come to our town in December. I can't wait to see her squeal with delight when she discovers Foofa is 6 feet tall and in front of her.
As of about 1 week ago, we are a walker! Finally! Girlfriend was getting heavy! We are now at the point where she elects to walk and goes to a standing position before thinking about crawling. This also gives her more opportunity to flop down in protest when Daddy leaves the room she is in. ha!

We love bows and shoes! She can say shoe and some morning those go on before her pajamas come off. We are wearing some size 3 and some size 4 shoes. Her foot is slowly catching up to her body. Her very favorite shoes are her Twinkle Toes. I splurged (they were on sale) and decided they would be her walking shoes. No regrets!

Abby is wearing size 18 month - 24 month clothing. Her head and her belly are just too big for size 12 -18 month clothes! Her swimsuit is a size 2T. I just can't mess with a tight swimsuit coming on and off all summer long.

We are madly in love! Can you tell?
Abby is also good at showing love. She practices nice hands on us and the cat regularly by rubbing your arm softly and saying "nice". She also can show love by putting her head on your shoulder and saying "awww". We are working on hugs and proper kisses. If you say "I Love You" Abby will respond with something similar to "lol lu". It melts my heart. We are also beginning to say "pease" without being asked. It is often followed by a big grin to confirm her request. Love it!

May 28, 2010

Tickle Tickle Tickle

Abby does something new and funny almost everyday. This stage is so much fun! While I was in Las Vegas, her Nana taught her to say "tickle". So now, you try to tickle her and say it and she'll repeat it back over and over really fast. It is hilarious!

May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Marcus

Wow, Marcus you are 432 months old! Just like Abby's b-day posts, I thought it would be fun to share some interesting facts about the birthday boy!

Likes meat and does not like asparagus

Would eat sushi everyday if he could

Has coffee, a banana and Yoplait Fat Free yogurt every single morning

Drinks a Cranberry Vanilla Coke Zero from Sonic

Currently weighs less than hedid last year on his birthday!

2007 birthday at County Line

Likes to read Eastern philosophy and comic books

Listens to all types of music and podcasts, big fan of the Black Eyed Peas

Is 5' 10", wears a 36x30 pant and a size 11 shoe

Thinks Green Lantern is the best superhero ever

Sleeps from 10 PM - 6:30 AM

Has a sleep number of 35

2008 birthday at Kona

Likes to play with his truck and his computer

Prefers to be in his elastic pants and t-shirts over most anything

Embraces his spiritual gift of mercy

Runs and lifts weights almost everyday

Smiles most when with Abby

2009 birthday at home with Abby

Dream job is a consultant for video game designers

Thinks the greatest invention ever is the iPhone

Is a loyal friend and a tough movie critic

Is hands down the most wonderful husband and father to Abby and I

Happy Birthday!


Your A Team

May 26, 2010

Marcus' Birthday Celebration

Since we had Mom for the weekend, we celebrated Marcus' birthday on Sunday night with dinner at Fogo de Chao. It is an all-you-can-eat Brazilian Steakhouse downtown. The staff walk around with 12 different types of meats on skewers and you place a green (more) or red (stop) card on your table so they know if you are full. They have filet mignon, top sirloin, chicken wrapped in bacon, lamb chops, sausage, parmasen pork, etc. So yummy!

Marcus was there for the meat- he had 20 servings of meat! The scale showed a 5 pound weight gain after dinner! The meat sweats came on the 2nd plate! He did good at resisting most of the salad buffet and side dishes to focus on the meat! He wanted them to lose money on him!

I was there for the yummy cheesy rolls that come out first. They must have one stick of butter in each roll because they just melt in your mouth. I seriously heart them!

Tomorrow is Marcus' official birthday and we have a fun post all about Marcus coming up!

May 25, 2010

Weekend with Grammy and Nana

Marcus' Mom came into town this weekend to celebrate Mother's Day and Marcus' upcoming birthday. We enjoyed our time together playing dominoes, eating yummy food and watching Abby entertain us with her new words, wobbly walking and fun antics! She was a little cranky on Saturday because her ear was still bugging her, but was much more fun come Sunday! To kill time Saturday morning before Grammy arrived, my Mom and I hit up a garage sale and then walked the outlet mall with Abby. That girl loves to be outside with her stroller! We let her ride a few rides- Garfield was a big hit!
After Grammy arrived we had lunch and Abby decided to color with ketchup. Who needs crayons when ketchup on a french fry is so much more fun!

Sunday we had a late breakfast and while Grammy drove home and Abby napped, Marcus and I did a little more landscaping. It was such a pretty day!

Thanks for visiting Grammy and Nana!

May 24, 2010

Post Las Vegas Time Off

I had Thursday and Friday off work after being in Las Vegas last week.
Thursday was my personal day including lunch with Marcus, a facial and pedicure and ordering my iPad. Friday was my fun day with Abby and it included many of her favorite things! We had a late breakfast at Chick-fil-A with our cousins Kristi, Landry and Bella. All three girls went down the big slide! It was a first for Bella and Abby. Abby didn't want to play up top much and enjoyed walking on the padded ground and playing with my keys, one of her new words.
Late that afternoon, Daddy took us to the neighborhood pool, our first trip this summer! What a difference a year makes! Abby walked into the pool all decked out in her gear!

Look at these sweet feet and her flip flops!

She wanted to walk in the baby pool and wasn't the least bit fearful of the water or the cold! I was freezing with water up to my knees and she was waist deep and just smiling!

Swimming lessons are going to be such fun next month!

Love her swimsuit! We bought a 2T this year because I hate getting a tight wet suit on and off and I'm so glad I did. It fits just fine although 18 month clothes fit her. I love the little leg ruffles. Daddy is opposed to a bikini on babies, so we have a couple of cute one piece suits for this year.

After the pool, we came home and grilled pork tenderloin for dinner (love the HEB seasoned pork) and then Mom watched Abby so we could go to a late movie. We saw IronMan 2 which was really good. It is one of those rare comic book movies that I am willing to see. I love Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts.

May 22, 2010

Water Table

I bought Abby this water table at Wal-mart hoping to find something easy we could do outside that allowed us to stay on the porch and didn't require a swimsuit! This water table is perfect! It is just her height and she can really control how much water she gets into- from splashing to pouring water on herself.
I can sit in my lawn chair and watch her play!

Well, that is, when she doesn't kick me out!

May 21, 2010

Ears and Aha Moments

We took Abby to the doctor this week to check on her runny nose and nighttime cough. It appears she has a cold and that has led to another ear infection! Ugh- poor girl! Since it is #4, we are watching her closely and another ear infection will likely lead to tubes. I'm not at all worried about tubes if it comes to that. It is such a common procedure now. Part of the tube discussion is that Abby is allergic to a class of antibiotics (rash) and it makes giving her antibiotics regularly for an ear infection problematic later.
While we waited, I pulled out the doctors Magna Doodle and Abby had so much fun with it! I plan to buy one for the car and restaurants. She was quick to draw and knew how to clear the art and start over.

She used her left and right hand!?! I'd love a lefty like me, but I think she is more prone to her right hand, especially at meals!

So, we are on an antibiotic daily, Flonase daily to try and prevent runny nose leading to ear infections, saline drops, and a pain drop at night for her ear. We'll be good as new by Monday!
One last thing, have you seen these online or on TV? A sweet reader Megan contacted me since she works for the tour and they were in town. Marcus and I recorded our aha moment yesterday. It was very emotional (Can you imagine a national TV commercial with my sweet husband crying?) as we talked about our journey through infertility and the joy of being parents. We should have our video in about 30 days and I'll be sure to share! In the meantime, we'd love your prayers that our message reaches other couples struggling.

May 20, 2010

Bath Time = Fun Time

This is my favorite Abby- the clean wet happy baby who wants to be wrapped up in my arms. I love the couple of minutes I get with her after Daddy has bathed her. I wish it lasted longer, but she is happy to get a little love and then wants to run around her room naked finding the perfect place to pee! She gets us every time! Before I wrap her in her green towel she is a wild bath time banshee with her Daddy. They recently started playing hide and seek with the shower curtain liner. You can just see the love she has for him!
She has so much fun that after dinner every night she says "ba" and lifts her shirt telling us she wants to go to the bathtub.

May 18, 2010

Walking Update

When I got back from Las Vegas, Abby and I spent the afternoon at the mall play court. It is ideal for using up energy when it is hot outside! She walked really well on the padded floor. She can totally walk, but elects to crawl. We are getting closer and closer!


About once a week we will have family night at Chick-fil-A. Abby eats well there- thank goodness their nuggets are cooked in REFINED peanut oil. No allergies!
After eating she will explore the playground with Marcus and has finally managed to climb up to the top. She won't go down the slide by herself yet, but is inching closer! On our last trip, she discovered our ice cream cone and Marcus shared his with her on the way home. She wouldn't give it back so we put her in her high chair to eat it. It was fun to watch!
She didn't realize she could eat the cone and would squish the cone up into her face trying to lick out more ice cream. Then she asked for a spoon to help her out.

The Chick-fil-A drive thru just isn't going to cut it anymore. She knows the place now!

May 17, 2010

Jungle Java Playdate

When I am away on the weekends Marcus is always so nervous that Abby will be bored and get fussy, so he tries to come up with fun things to do with her. This weekend, he met up with our little friend Madeline at Jungle Java, a jumpy playhouse in Round Rock for them to explore. Madeline's Mom, Caroline, took these photos and I am so impressed Marcus isn't hovering over Abby in everyone of them. I am the more laid back, let her explore and fall down parent while Marcus hovers to catch her before she can fall. It is so opposite our personalities in every other way!
I love her squished up nose!

I'm certain she had great fun!

So much fun, she looks guilty of doing something wrong!

Thanks Madeline and Caroline for playing!


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