July 15, 2013

Little San Antonio Getaway

 We are taking a big family vacation in the fall, but it has been killing us (okay maybe just me!) to not go somewhere this summer. Seeing all the beach and fun family pictures of my friends made me jealous.... so, we booked a night at my favorite San Antonio resort, Westin La Cantera. 

We left at noon on Friday and drove downtown to eat at Home Slice pizza on South Congress. At 1 PM, we had a little wait, so we stood in the shade and took goofy pictures. 

This restaurant does the neatest thing.... they bring out dough for kids to play with while you wait on your food. Abby had THE BEST TIME with that dough! She added Italian seasoning and S&P to it, rolled it all around and it kept her busy the entire time. Such a great idea!

After lunch, we drove another hour to the hotel and hit the slide immediately! Abby would complain she didn't want to do it and laugh the whole way down with Marcus.

More than anything, she just likes to float around on her inner tube.

After swimming for 2.5 hours, we left and had BBQ nearby and then came back in time for smores and to watch Monsters Inc on the lawn. I went upstairs and enjoyed a little quiet time while they watched the movie. They had blankets for everyone and I brought them some snacks from the gift shop.

In Discovery Junction (tennis courts made into kids activities) they had all kinds of fun going on! Marcus and Abby tried to get to the gummy bears hidden beneath cool whip without using their hands.

Abby will tell you her favorite thing about the resort is the kids club. They have games, crafts, and toys for the kids. We let her go there for 1 hour on Friday and 1 hour on Saturday. The staff there remembered her from last summer and commented, "she loves the dollhouse and wants to play with it for hours". Yep, that is her! We love it too, because while she is there, we are here....

Peace and quiet to read a good book at the adult pool.

And, drink a nice cold beverage! :)

Abby played at the dollhouse this time, but also played a game called Headbandz, which looked quite fun and she made this kitty cat from melted beads. Well worth the $9/hour we paid.

Saturday we checked out at noon and then enjoyed lunch poolside before swimming a little more and then heading home about 1:45. It was just what I needed to hold me over until our real trip in 2 more months!

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