August 08, 2013

Recent Date Nights

We celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary in Fort Worth last week. I was in town for work and Marcus drove up for the night. We had a wonderful dinner at Lili's Bistro on Magnolia Street. It was recommended by several people in Fort Worth and we loved it!

Fourteen- I love seeing that number. Marriage is work and celebrating another year of making it work is important!

We also enjoyed a date night with friends just before our anniversary! We had dinner with our church friends The Betzens and The Sanders. 

Both have become really good friends of ours this year and we had great fun doing pizza and ice cream with them.

If you have not been to Lick on South Lamar, go today! It is all organic, homemade ice cream with local ingredients. It is delicious! We love the funky flavors they offer and their waffle cones are the best!

1 comment:

Johnna said...

I meant to tell you at the party, but you look great! You are melting away! Looking good mama!


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