November 15, 2013

Five on Friday

1. Gingerbread is back at Starbuck's and I have one happy little girl. This is like her Pumpkin Spice Latte or red cup. Now if Little Debbie would just release Christmas Tree cakes!

2. I sent this picture to a friend this week..... I was always told not to mix brown and black, but everyone is doing it. So, I needed confirmation it worked with my outfit.

3. Daddy's girl all the way. While hanging out on Thursday afternoon, Abby was playing with all her Star Wars characters. She didn't know all of their names, but decided to rename them after books of the Bible. I don't think George Lucas had Habakkuk and Obadiah in mind.

4. Abby has a runny nose and I have a nasty cough. Fun times for us. So, today is a relaxed day at home and a trip to the doctor. Oh, and a morning Starbucks run in our jammies!

5. We took Christmas pictures and 5 year pictures on Wednesday. Here is a little preview of the birthday girl. Her headpiece makes me smile and fits her party theme perfectly!

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