January 05, 2015

Abby's 6th Birthday and Party

This sweet girl turned 6 on us last Monday. I don't know how it happened. She actually weighed herself to see if she was bigger. That only happens as a kid! ;)

She was pretty pumped to get her first American Girl doll from us! We bought her Julie. She is a blond/blue eyed girl like Abby and has a braid in her hair, a popular style for our girl as well. Abby was smitten and Julie has traveled many places with us since. 

After lunch of her choice (Burger King), we went and saw The Penguins of Madagascar with our friend Eva. The girls loved the movie and the apple juice and Oreos I fed them.

Abby's actual birthday party was this past Saturday. She wanted a build a bear party and talked about it for months. I don't like a build a bear party at all (the focus isn't on the birthday girl but the stuffed animals, it ends up costing most parents money since kids want lots of stuff there, and the negotiating between kids and parents is brutal), but it is her birthday so I smiled and booked her party.

Since I wanted a little traditional birthday party time, we had brunch first in the food court. I brought the paper goods and balloons and set up early. We bought coffee and chicken minis from Chick-fil-A and then brought fruit, milk and juice and doughnut holes. 

We gave all of the kids these little treat bags filled with teddy grahams to say thank you.

We were set up and ready about 15 minutes early and Abby was so ready to see her friends. Having a party at the end of a two week winter break is brutal!

She enjoyed twirling in the empty mall while we waited. Having a party at 10:30 AM on January 3rd has benefits- it was just us and the mall walkers!

Here are the sweet little guests full of doughnut holes and chocolate milk and ready for a new stuffed animal! L to R: Michael, Abby, Mary and Lacee from school, and Addison. Michael and Addison are Abby's best friends and she just loves them both. It was fun to have them and add two new kindergarten friends.

It didn't take long for everyone to pick a new stuffed friend at Build A Bear. We allowed Abby to pick whatever she wanted for her pony and she lived it up! Ha! I'll never utter those words again!

Abby has already decided what she'd like to do for her 7th birthday! That is my little junior party planner. I love her so!

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