May 12, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

This sweet girl and her Daddy outdid themselves for me on Mother's Day. I slept in and took a nap, they cleaned my car and brought my sweet tea in the morning, I picked where we ate for lunch and dinner, and they gave me Kendra Scott earrings and some very thoughtful presents.

A few months ago our church did a series on our identity in Christ... who we are in Christ's eyes. They had a video montage during the series of people in our church with a word written on their bodies with a black Sharpie showing the word they identified most with from Christ. It was healed, complete, adopted, etc. I told Marcus that because of our trials in getting pregnant, I felt like Abby's word would be CHOSEN.

She was CHOSEN by God to be born. We were CHOSEN to be her parents. We not only chose, but worked really hard to be able to have her. So, he had her picture taken in the bluebonnets with the word CHOSEN on her arm for me. He even sent it to a friend to edit it and framed it for me. Note, on her other arm, she chose the word CUTE. :)

(Pardon the quick iphone picture of a picture- it is clear in person!)

Finally, I received a folder full of art and the annual Mother's Day survey from Abby. I'm so grateful they still do these in Kindergarten. I was afraid she had outgrown that annual craft. This answer right here brought tears to my eyes. She loves me because "you care for people". 

Of all the things I can teach my child, isn't this really the core of it? God's greatest command is to love Him and love others. I don't always do it and I haven't made it a priority until recently, but the fact that she sees it motivates me. It was like a little love note from God through her that I'm on the right track. And honestly, I don't think I am doing superhero things, but I explain what I am doing to Abby. 

When we take a meal to another family, we talk about it. She helps me bake the cookies and we talk about they are sick or had a new baby or are sad and this is a way to love on them. When I have a church meeting or event, I always explain to her that I am serving in our church to help others. When a new kid visits her Sunday school, we talk about how scary it is to be new and how she can make them feel better by welcoming them. We pray for ambulance, police and fire the moment we hear sirens. We pray for friends in school that miss because they are sick. When we wear our TOMS, we talk about the other kid without shoes that got a new pair because she got a new pair. 

It just surprised me that she sees it. She knows what it is all about. I'm so grateful for her and her answer on this year's survey. 

Happy Mother's Day!

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