January 05, 2012

Let the Games Begin

Thursday was Abby's first soccer practice! We enrolled her in soccer at our local YMCA. It was a minimal investment and we thought a good time to let her try something new. She loves balls and running and after our difficult transition into dance class, we felt like she needed more exposure to group activities.

Since this was her first athletic activity, she wore her first pair of Nikes. They look tiny on her (size 9)- I swear they are as wide as they are long!

Practice is 45 minutes every Thursday for the next 8 weeks and then we have games on Saturday mornings. She wasn't always on the same page as the other kids- not standing in line listening fully; but, she did 10 times better than her first dance class!

 It was nice to have Marcus attend and see just how difficult it is not to try and force her to participate. You want to talk in your serious voice, pop her, take her arm and put her in place, but it all will not work. You just have to keep calm, praise her when she does well and consistently enforce the message, in this case, "stand on the white line and listen to Coach Mark". 

This only happened once which makes me happy- A major improvement!

I honestly think she could be good at this. She has the right build :) But, she can kick the ball. She can stop it with her foot. She made 2 of 3 goals. She was a toot during practice when it wasn't her turn and she had nothing else to do. I'm excited to see if she does have talent for soccer, if she will focus and apply herself, and if she keeps up the interest.

Until then, Marcus is "that" Dad and I'm a soccer Mom and we love it!

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Ms. W said...

We're "those" parents too! Welcome!


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