January 02, 2012

Second Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with my Mom and sister's family on New Year's Eve day. It was so pretty outside that the kids were able to kick the soccer ball and swing. Loved the weather last weekend!

Since they had to drive to me, I made them all lunch. We had salad and girl scout casserole. Plus, we ate birthday cake and ice cream in honor of Ms. Abby Lu!

We opened presents after lunch- we bought Cohen a new game for his Nintendo DS.

And, Kyleigh got a new shirt, scarf, and hat. She is definitely a normal 10 year old girl, she wants new clothes!

Since learning that Marcus can wear a youth hat, we've had lots of fun! I love that he plays along with me :)

Mom and Tiffany spoiled Abby with some fabulous things including this really cute cape. My sister made both of my Christmas gifts and I love them! She is becoming a really talented on the sewing machine. She made me a cute apron and a messenger bag!

Abby refused to take pictures, so here is my Mom with her more cooperative grandkids :)

The tree is now done and most of the gifts are put away. After all, we have a birthday party coming up on Saturday! Hooray!

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