May 08, 2012

Cinco de Mayo!

Look at my little senorita! She was saying "aye aye aye aye" when I snapped the picture! We bought her sweet little dress in Cabo on our vacation last fall. So glad she was able to wear it to a birthday party!

Look at this sweet girl and her cake! Abby loves her friend Lauramae and we had fun at her Snow White party. Lauramae's Mom is super creative and had so many sweet little touches throughout the party. The gift bag had an apple in it. Smart!

Abby, the birthday girl and Megan. These girls are all in Sunday school together and talk about each other all week. We have gotten to know the parents of these girls through the little friendship and love them all!

We had a fun party and ate yummy Mexican food!

Funny story- Lauramae asked for a bow dress like Abby for her birthday and her Mom and I tried to figure out what Abby had worn to church that could be a bow dress. I told Marcus the story and he said it is probably the dress form on Abby's dresser that houses her hundred bows.

Well, Lauramae grandmother bought her a dress form and put a couple of little bows on it. When she opened it up, Lauramae got the biggest smile on her face and looked right at Abby. Bingo- that was it!

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