May 22, 2012

Sea World's Bay of Play

A huge part of our San Antonio trip was to buy season tickets to Sea World. We did Fiesta Texas in 2010 and had heard Sea World was so much better for this age. We found it to be true- the shows were more universal, the rides and water areas more appealing, and the layout and overall park were just better!

We will no doubt be visiting more until our passes expire in January! We spent 5 hours there on Friday and 4 on Saturday before driving home. The kid area is called Sesame Street Bay of Play and we spent 90% of our time there! With the exception of Elmo, we had our picture taken with all of our favorite people.

I think she was most excited to see Abby Cadabby. 

She was not afraid of anyone! She would walk right up, talk to them, high five, give hugs, all of it!

Telly was the first picture we took, obviously a little more hesitant. We bought a small Rosita doll as her souvenir and she was super excited to show Rosita the doll. I am betting Rosita isn't a big purchase... we heard numerous people trying to figure out who she was!

I had to Facebook this picture... these nets are at least 3 stories high and Abby did them without hesitation. She actually did them twice because when she got up high, she had to potty! Marcus crawled up with her and conquered his own fears! When they started Marcus told her not to be scared and to have confidence. That lead to her singing "I've got confidence in my Lord, my Lord, my Lord" all the way up. At the top, she said "LOUDER" and kept singing!

On Saturday, we came back dressed in suits so that Abby could play in the splash pad area. It was a little too crowded, so she moved onto rides and we went to visit the fish and dolphins.

We rode the coaster, spinning fish, and the ferris wheel 2 times each. It was nice that we each got to ride with her. The ferris wheel was the slowest and thus we could capture pictures!

Fish and dolphin pics to come- hooray for the iPhone taking great pictures in the dark!

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Mimi said...

what fun! Do you know where Mimi can get an Abby Caddaby costume and get some hugs?


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