December 06, 2013

Abby Santa

We have taught Abby that anyone can be Santa and give her a day each year to be Santa by purchasing and donating toys to other kids, just like Santa does. This year, we went to the Chuy's Kid Giving to Kids parade downtown for her to donate two baby dolls she had picked out.

Before the parade started, we stepped over the white tape on the street to snag a picture on Congress Avenue. When else can you stand on a street downtown and take a picture with the Capitol behind you?

When we found out our friend Ainsley was going to, we made plans to meet up at the same end of the parade. The girls were so good about watching it all from their strollers! It was a little cold, but overall they did great!

Here are some of our favorites:

These guys drove in circles the whole time. Fun little cars!

I caught him about to do a pop-a-wheelie. The little tire on the back (just behind his thighs) let them go a little crazy!

The big blow ups were super cool. It felt like Macy's NYC parade! :)

This was probably Abby's favorite. She loves this movie!

And, this was Marcus' favorite. She was wearing his R2-D2 beanie hat, so the Star Wars characters pointed and talked to him.

There were also lots of princesses and Snow White brought her dwarfs!

About an hour into the parade, the floats stopped and the designated ones collected toys from all of the viewers. It was cool to see so many toys donated at one time. I loved the parade and hope we make a tradition out of it!

We left after an hour and walked to lunch with our friends. We then walked in a few shops on 2nd street before making our way home for naps.

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