April 13, 2014

Baseball Weekend

On Saturday morning we watched our buddy Michael play in his tee ball game. Abby did a great job cheering for him and listening as we talked about the game with her.

It sparked a conversation with Marcus and I about what sport would we be okay spending every weekend watching. Softball is my vote and basketball is his. So, Saturday afternoon he stopped in Wal-Mart and bought Abby a glove and a tee ball.

This evening we played a little throw and catch. She is much better than I thought she would be. We have always known she could throw- she throws hard, high and overhanded. She is quick and has decent aim. This was her first attempt at catch and with a glove and she did well. She caught it a few times and even played catched and stopped a bouncing ball a few times. We would count to 5 and she most times had it picked up, thrown and back in Marcus' glove in 5 seconds.

It was fun and I think softball would be a good sport for her. She is tall and strong and can throw. She isn't one to run much and we both aren't interested in volleyball.

Youth league this summer? Hmm....

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