April 11, 2014

Books of the Bible Video

Abby and I attend a Community Bible Study program on Thursday mornings. It has been great for helping me focus in on one book of the Bible and really work through all that is inside that book, but more than that, it has been amazing for Abby!

She has been in church all her life, done VBS, Awanas, and kids choir, but nothing has taught her the Bible as well as the CBS program. The stories are brought to life- they aren't told or colored on a sheet of paper.

These kids have been disciples and packed a bag and traveled the dessert (parking lot). They have made whales from milk jugs and tried to get Jonah (bean bag) out of the whale. Today, they had palm leaves and fabric cloaks and made yard stick horses to enter as Jesus did.

She has learned multiple Bible verses, the books of the Bible, people from the Bible, and so many songs. We play the 41 songs on our CBS CD daily and she knows most of them by memory. 

I sure wish I had enrolled her earlier! 

Here is the end of year video of the kids all singing the Old Testament books in order. It is impressive!

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