February 07, 2012

Abby Said What?

I have two new good ones for you courtesy of my very sassy, smart and verbal child.

Today we stopped by my old office to say hello and drop off a few things. The CEO, COO and the Accountant were in a meeting in the conference room, but heard Abby's voice and opened the door to say hi. Abby went into the conference room gave Robert, the accountant, a high five, and then loudly said, "What's that smell?" She has my strong nose! Robert said he fears he may have put on too much cologne :)

Friday in the car I was telling Abby about our weekend plans which included a birthday party for her school friend, Braxton. Abby proceeded to tell me, "I like Braxton. At his party, we are going to go to another place and I'll do what Braxton says because I don't say no to Braxton." Excuse me, what?

1 comment:

Ms. W said...

Better watch out for that Braxton! ;)


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