February 02, 2012

Sickie Update

We saw our favorite pediatrician yesterday afternoon and Abby has a viral infection. It is in her chest making her a little "rattley" when she breathes. We are doing breathing treatments every 4-6 hours for the next 2 days and then she should be better. No school or soccer today. She is pretty normal during the day, but sounds bad at night and early in the morning.

She was so friendly with our doctor and the resident doing rotations with her. They thought she was hilarious- she even invited them to her party. She invites everyone to her party. Only problem is, her "party" I assume is her birthday party which already happened. I have no idea what party she is talking about. We are hosting Super Bowl with our church friends this year and we may just let her think it is her party :)

Since she was so good and brave letting the doctor look in her ears (always the worst part!), we stopped and got cupcakes at Gigi's afterward. The chocolate one was for Daddy- Hot Chocolate Mama. It is fudge and cheyenne pepper. It was really good- a slow burn after you swallow. I had coconut cream pie.

Abby had the birthday surprise- white cake and pink frosting. She licked about 1/4 of the frosting and then wanted the "bread". Funny girl. Oh, and she invited the cupcake lady to her party. The fun never ends!

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Mimi said...

get well soon, Abby. And you other guys, don't get sick!



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