February 01, 2012

Sickie and a Church Picture

We didn't want to be those parents that told their child no when she asked to "see Jesus" when we pulled into church on Sunday morning. We were running late, so we went to see him afterward- she didn't forget. She specifically sat in his lap and told me to take her picture. The life of a kid who has a blogging Mama :)

I will be sad when Abby doesn't go for smocked dresses anymore. I sure love grabbing them for dirt cheap on Zulily!

Abby had a runny nose on Monday and Tuesday and today she woke up with a deep cough and is having trouble breathing through her nose. We haven't seen the doctor for a cold in a long time, but have an appointment later today.

Abby is generally in a good mood- she is just laying low. She also wanted her water in her baby cup. I gave in for a sick little girl. I want to run some good medicine in her. We have a busy 4 days planned with Super Bowl, birthday party, dinner plans, dentist appointment and a haircut!

She may be sick, but she is still cute!

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