October 22, 2012

Hawaii: Awards, Luau and Kid Rock

So each night in Hawaii as part of President's club, we have activities. Sunday night was low key- it was arrival night and we had a buffet and reception on the beach. There was lots of lanterns and lights, Hawaiian music and tables set in the sand. The perfect welcome to Hawaii!

Monday night was our most formal night and the "business" part of the trip- Awards Night! Every member of the President's Club was introduced and given a crystal award. We had the best table- table #1 on the front row! Our tables hosts were the supplier that sponsored Marcus. It was nice to meet them and thank them for bringing us!

Comedian John Pinette and a broadway group performing four popular shows were our entertain for the evening. It made for the best awards show. It was well broken up and a super fun evening.

The award winners were greeted onstage by the executive leadership team including Marcus' division boss Kris whom we both really like. It is wonderful to see a boss (three levels up from Marcus) that knows my name and asks about our daughter with sincere interest. Marcus would happily follow Kris anywhere in the company!

The next evening was a luau at the Kilohana plantation.

Before the luau, we rode a train through the plantation to see all of the agriculture that they produce there. Everything from pineapple to avocado- they have the biggest produce compared to Texas!

The luau was pretty cool- a great light and music show included. They presented the pig for our dinner first which is traditional. It cooks all day buried in the ground in a pit and is shown to the crowd before being shredded for dinner.

The buffet was okay- lots of traditional food. I think it was hard to be impressed after such amazing food for so many days. It was also hotter and more humid than normal. So, hot food in a hot room is hard. Marcus' co-worker John didn't care for the poi. It looks like purple wallpaper paste. Yuck!

The luau dancers were beautiful. Their costumes and flat stomachs were impressive! 

Wednesday night was the big Kid Rock and REO Speedwagon concert. To prepare for the evening, they had tattoos for everyone, glamour make-up stations and rock star photo booths. Marcus went for the prison look with a neck tattoo. He was wise to remove it the next morning before we had to fly home!

REO Speedwagon was a two-man acoustic and I failed to capture a good picture of them. I went up to our room during intermission and grabbed my good camera for Kid Rock. I sat in the back (although with only 500 people the back wasn't far!) and snapped pictures all evening. 
Marcus was such a fan that he went to the front and ended up about 3rd row for the concert!

Kid put on a great show- he played new stuff and popular hits everyone knew. He did a duet with one of his backup singers and was beaming with pride as she sang up front for the first time. It made me like him even more!

He even made a joke that he didn't know what the audience sells, but he wants to go to work for them if this is how they celebrate success. So true!

When we got back to our room, they had delivered Kid Rock posters and scotch glasses etched with his new album logo to our room. Top notch!

Luckily, we acclimated to the time change for this evening events! A five hour time change would have normally put me in bed at 6 PM. We had the most fun and sure hope to go to Maui with Avnet one year! 

A few more Hawaii posts to come- our last day on the island and some of the best pictures of the island. 

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