October 16, 2012

Hawaii: Breakfast Beer, Pie and Hiking

 Saturday morning we awoke to kick off! I love that football starts so early in Hawaii- like 6:00 early on Saturday! We ventured out to a local restaurant in Hanalei we had seen earlier in the week. We knew they served breakfast and had a handful of TVs at the bar.

Don't my bananas foster pancakes look amazing? They went well with Marcus' Passion Fruit beer. They call it a breakfast beer which made us laugh numerous times.

After breakfast we ventured to Hideaways Beach. This is a semi-private beach in Princeville that is used mainly by locals. The 10 minute hike to get there deters most tourists.

We decided to give it a try and took these on the steps that started the journey. It was very deceiving and ended up being much harder than I had imagined.

The steps disintegrated into this path- ropes tied loosely between trees and roots along a steep decline toward the beach. I was so afraid of sliding and falling down that I gripped with my toes and planted my legs firmly. That didn't bode well as my thighs were on FIRE by the time we made it down.

It was beautiful and worth the trip! This was most of the way down at a great little lookout point where we stopped to sit, ponder, and reflect on the beauty.

There were only 3 people down here at this point- they were surfing the big waves all afternoon.

Marcus made it all the way down and waved up to me. At this point, I was too scared to go any further and I didn't want to hike back up with wet sandy feet!

 Saturday afternoon we hung out poolside before having a lovely dinner with Marcus' coworkers at Kilohana Plantation. Sunday morning we enjoyed early football, a little pool time, and then checked out of the condo to head south for the Avnet portion of our trip.

We enjoyed lunch at Olympic Cafe, a place we had eaten the day we arrived. It had football on and was in Kapa'a which was between the condo and new hotel. Marcus loved his tuna wrap which was like a giant sushi roll with seaweed, ahi tuna, cucumbers, wasabi cream sauce and rice.

We shared Hula Pie for dessert and it was by far the largest dessert I've ever seen. Everyone wanted to discuss it with us. All the more embarrassing that as soon as it came Marcus took a phone call in the hall. I looked like quite the pig! It is frozen swirls of coffee, chocolate, and macadamia nut ice cream.

Friday night we had Hula Pie at Duke's Canoe Club in Lihue and thought it was big!

Sunday afternoon we returned our rental car and rode the shuttle to the Grand Hyatt for the official President's Club portion of the trip! More on that soon!

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