May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Celebrations

First of all, Happy Mother's Day to TJ, Jacque, and Carol. We wish you a day of fun, relaxation, and enjoyment! 

I can not believe this is my 5th Mother's Day. This sweet girl of mine just keeps growing (and I just keep changing my hair!). ha!

This morning Abby wished me a Happy Mother's Day while snuggling in bed... something she needs about 10 minutes of each morning. I know- call me blessed!

I said, "I am so glad you made me a Momma". Abby then says, "who are you talking to?" I said her somewhat puzzled and said that I wasn't a Mom until she was born. 

She then reminded me, "I didn't make you a Momma. God did." 

And I will praise Him for that as long as I live. My heart aches for the many women just waiting and wondering if they can ever celebrate this day.

We have celebrated all week- with a Mother's Day tea party last week at school. Abby made me a cross and a sweet card. At dinner one night, she noticed I didn't have peas on my plate and asked why. I told her I didn't like peas and she said in the most honest and sad voice, "I put peas on your card." The morning of the party, Abby told me out of the blue, "I should have put chicken." 

On my handmade card/questionnaire, Abby said I am 18, I like to eat peas and love to give her hugs. One of three isn't bad :)

Marcus and I celebrated surviving another year as parents with a date night on South Congress. We finally tried Home Slice Pizza. It was delish! Although, the waiter tried to convince us we could each eat 4 slices. Two was plenty! 

Afterward, we walked across the street and I bought a new pair of earrings. I truly don't mind buying my own gift- we both have confidence I will like it. Aren't they pretty! I love Kendra Scott and they are part of her limited time summer line.

Finally, we ended the night at Lick, a local Austin made ice cream shop. They have lots of funky flavors and we sampled a few of them. I ended up having Salted Caramel and a scoop of Chocolate Caramel Roasted Pecan. They were yummy!

Happy Mother's Day to all and a big thank you to Marcus for allowing me to be the Mom I once dreamed of. I spend my days hugging and playing not meeting and greeting and I love it more than I ever knew I could. Thank you dear!


Mimi said...

This post was so Sweet and Funny!
As always, love the pictures. Maybe you should eat a few peas just to show her that you can, even tho you don't want to!

Melissa said...

Wait! You're not 18?! Mommies of youngsters are forever young. She's such a sweetheart. You guys are so blessed!


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