May 28, 2013

Splash Day

I am a little behind on blogging- we had way too much happen in a one week span! Last Wednesday (just before I left on vacation) was splash day at Abby's school. Her and all her schoolmates played outside on the inflatables brought in for the day. 

This is Abby's pre-K class made up of "older" 3 year olds and now younger 4 year olds. I am so glad they will all be back next year and Shining Stars together! Abby's friends that we hear about most are Harlyn (next to her) and Preston (in the green Batman shirt).

Their teacher in the Friday class made this poster for the hallway- I love it. Abby wants to be a magic fairy!

Here are a few of my favorite splash day photos of Abby and her friends....

The outside fun ended with popsicles! 

Tomorrow is our last day of school until September. We are sad and also so excited for the fun that comes with summer!

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