May 29, 2013

The First and Last Day of Pre-K 3

Today was Abby's last day of school until September 9th. She is excited that summer is here and we can see our friends more and go swimming. I love the freedom of summer, but I also love the structure of school and the freedom it gives me. Marcus and I had our last lunch date for a while today and I ran about 10 errands in my final five hours :) 

These pictures just amaze me- you don't see it when you see them everyday. Her hair has darkened, her little chin has changed, her face is much more of a girl than a baby, and her neck even seems longer!

In this full body, it appears she grew about a brick :) 

I have loved Abby's preschool and am excited she has another year there before Kindergarten comes! 

We aren't taking a vacation this summer, but Abby is spending some time with my sister, hosting her cousins, taking a bakery tour, spending 4 different weeks in gymnastics camp, and doing vacation bible school. I pray it is the right combination of fun and freedom for us both!

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