June 29, 2013

4.5 Oh My!

I don't know how this has happened, but my sweet girl is 4 and 1/2 today. She has been counting down to the day for 3 weeks. Maybe it has something to do with this doll?

I told her for her 1/2 birthday she could pick where we eat lunch and we would go to Target and let her pick out one thing she wanted. It could be anything. For weeks she has said it would be an overpriced Sophia castle, but she called an audible and saved me $40 at the last minute. This girl can't resist baby dolls and especially ones she can take care of. We don't leave the house without a doll, her blanket, a drink and a snack. She had lots of choices and picked this doll whom she named Rose Mary. I found it wonderful that she now owns 4 dark skinned babies. She had a full ethnic line up to select from and this was her girl. 

For lunch, she selected Wendy's. She likes to better than CFA because it is quiet. ha!

On the flip side, she is obsessed with super heroes right now. She watches Superman, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans (little kid superheroes) over any other shows. She knows all the characters and loves Wonder Women. Fingers crossed we love WW through October because I would love that Halloween costume! Luckily Justice League is at Target right now and we have stocked up for cheap!

She has very set ideas of what Momma and Daddy are for. With me, she wants to snuggle, gives kisses hourly, likes to help in the kitchen, wants to go swimming and spin round and round and likes to do nightly prayers. I am her comforter when she is hurt or tired. She still crawls in my lap and sprawls out like a baby. Her legs are long, but they can still do the trick. She loves to surprise me with an iced tea on Starbucks runs with Daddy and knows my order at the doughnut shop on Sunday mornings. She likes to get me a Sweet-n-low at restaurants and wants to hold my hand when we are walking. 

With Daddy, she is all play! He does bath time, swings her, goes to the park, plays super heroes, throws balls, does dollhouse pretend play and reads her nighttime stories. She loves to wait for him on the porch when he is coming home from work. She always thinks of him when she sees a black car and says his name when we drive by his office. She wants to Face Time with him daily.

She looks like such a big girl some days! Her VBS picture from this week shows us how TALL she is compared to her friends. Her feet are stretched out and touching the ground while her friends feet are dangling. She is about 44" tall and about 45 pounds. She has grown 2 inches since January and lost a few pounds. People who see her comment she is tall and has leaned out. This is the face of a little girl and not a baby. She wears size 5 shorts and size 6 or 6X in swimsuits, shirts or dresses. Her waist is a 5 but her length requires the 6 in most things. We still wear a size 10 shoe and have since last fall. 

Abby loves shopping with Momma and especially trying on glasses and hats. Not even kidding. We do it all the time. She has entered the phase of wanting a toy at every store, but we have worked hard on that and I am seeing progress. She has learned she can tell me what she likes and then those things are options for her birthday or Christmas. I also have started making her name her favorite toys she does own when she asks for a new toy. It all seems to be helping. 

We did learn last week that her peanut allergy has worsened and she is now allergic to tree nuts. Bummer! It doesn't look like she will outgrow this allergy at all- it is now a Class 6 which means that touch could cause a reaction. We will be educating teachers for years :) We were most worried about switching from almond milk that we love to cows milk, but she has done fine. Hooray!

I can't complain about this child at all- I see the little person she is becoming that Marcus and I are working so hard to mold into a well-mannered, kind hearted little girl and I am so proud of her. She is a joy- most days!

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