June 21, 2013

Summertime Livin'

You know what we did this week.... the same thing we did last week and will do next week.... lots and lots of SWIMMING!

Abby was excited when I put on yellow flip flops to go to the pool and she ran into her closet and came back in shoes to match. This picture is the image of summer for us- sweet little toes, bright sandals and swimming!

Thursday night Marcus had to work late so we sent him a picture of us at the pool swimming! Life really is good! Swimming after rest time and then getting CFA to go for dinner. Love it!

Thursday was also 1/2 shakes at Sonic, so Abby and I had one that afternoon. Marcus took the opportunity to try the peanut butter and bacon shake. Gross! He said it was really sweet and then you'd get a "salty chunk of bacon". No thank you!

We spent this morning swimming with our friend Lilia, Andrew and Liesl. We always have a good time with them- they play really well together. We swam at the YMCA for over 3 hours and saw two other friends.

Andrew passed the Y's swim test and was able to do the big slides for the first time. You can see his shadow up top about to do the big swirly slide!

Fun times!

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