June 12, 2013

Downtown Fun on the Train

We met our friends Lilia and Andrew at the Lakeline Station of the Metro Rail on Monday morning and took the train downtown for lunch. I have been wanting to do this FOREVER with Abby and we had lots of fun!

We walked a few blocks from the train station to lunch and stopped to capture a picture of the kids in front of the iconic Frost Bank Building. They weren't nearly as impressed as I expected :)

We ended up dining at a crepes restaurant on 2nd street. I was so scared Abby would hate them and make a scene, but I called it a quesadilla and she was in! We shared a ham and cheese crepe and then a chocolate crepe. They were both really good!

Afterward, we walked to Jim Jim's water ice for a snow cone. I have had their cones a few times before- more like an Italian Ice and they have real fruit pureed to make the juice. So much better than a traditional snow cone. Abby wanted chocolate which was much better than I expected. It tasted like chocolate soft serve. I had Strawberry with Coconut. 

These were necessary as it was almost 100 while we were walking around downtown!

We walked back to the downtown station and had about 10 minutes to kill We enjoyed the shade of the convention center!

We were back on the train and home about 2 PM. I would highly recommend taking the train! It was cool inside, very clean, quiet (minus these excited kids) and less stressful than I had imagined.

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