September 07, 2013

Birthday Weekend

This post if for posterity- I totally forgot to blog about our fun night in New Braunfels!

We celebrated my Mom's birthday in late August in New Braunfels at my sister's house. Abby was so excited to see her Nana she ended up going home with her for 8 days!

Happy Birthday Mom!

After eating Olive Garden take out at Tiffany's house, Mom stayed with the kids and Tiffany, Shaun, Marcus and I went to see a concert at the Whitewater Amphitheater nearby. We had tickets for Cory Morrow and Gary Allan. 

The venue and concert were awesome. I love when an artist chooses to play their biggest hits and not just their new CD. Gary did a great job playing well known favorites! The venue was set on the water with lots of shade trees and they had local food and liquor companies as vendors. I love Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka and enjoyed it cold with a little lemonade! Great summer drink!

After the concert, Marcus and I got snacks at Bucee's and drove home. It was a late night for us old folks, but lots of fun!

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