September 23, 2013

Week of September 16, 2013

This week is in reverse....

This past weekend, a group of girls from church and I went to Dallas for the Women of Faith concert. It took us about 6 hours in the rain with wrecks all around. We thought we'd have time to check into our hotel, eat dinner and shop a little, but we instead had burgers in the car!

Women of Faith is a national traveling conference. We had 12,000 women at the American Airlines Center and it included wonderful concerts, lots of worship time, and Christian women and authors as speakers.

I think we all gleamed a little something from each of the speakers and had lots of fun together!

MOrgan and I were most excited for MercyMe and they didn't disappoint. I want to see them in concert now! They sounded amazing on stage! They had all 12,000 women sing Amazing Grace twice and then they sang Beautiful to us. It is one of my favorite songs!

Before I headed out of town, we had a pretty low key week. Marcus worked late one night and we sent him a good night picture. We were feeling silly!

I had my hair highlighted! Hooray for new fun blond color. It was supposed to have a little red in there, but that didn't take so it was extra blond. I am getting used to it for sure!

Marcus and Abby have a new fun game where they run around after bath time with their super power rings on and she freezes him with her powers. It is pretty funny!

This was the week of the puzzle. We bought a 300 piece puzzle and Marcus and I spent one night in little bitty hard plastic chairs bent over a little bitty table trying to finish her puzzle after she went to bed. We both struggled to stand up straight afterward. Parenting is for young people!

Last weekend we had fun watching aTm play Alabama at a friends house. She made maroon punch for the kids and told Abby when you drink it, you have to say "Gig Em" and now my future Red Raider loves to say it. I'll get her back!

We also discovered our sweet little Russian dolls this week. Granpa and Jacque bought these long before Abby was born. She loves them- we have named them The Natashas.

Finally, Monday morning we delivered a Valentine Mimi gave us last year to a little boy in our class! Come to find out, his Mom knows some people I know and I posted the picture below of Abby on Facebook and his Mom posted the Valentine with an "uh oh" message. Gotta love a 4 year old giving out love notes! hehe!

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