September 08, 2013


Here is a recap of our last week of summer- we start school tomorrow!

On Labor Day, we spent the day with friends and the kids loved the little pool in the backyard! Our two hours of swimming turned into an 8 hour day complete with a trip to the grocery store for dinner items. Those are the best playdates!

A big girl bed with a nice fluffy duvet and I find my child sleeping sideways covered in toys on a tiny travel pillow with a quilt her Nana made that she has almost outgrown. KIDS!

On Wednesday, we made cupcakes for our teachers and threw a birthday party for a stuffed animal. This little girl is all mine- free day and she elects to bake and throw a party. 

On Thursday, we started a community Bible study with our friends Carrie, Addison and McKenna. The girls study the Bible with scripture memorization, story time, crafts, and more downstairs and we learn the Bible upstairs through small groups, homework, and teaching time. It is going to be a great program and I am excited to get into the word more.

On Friday morning, we met our teacher and new school friends. Abby is so ready to go back. Just a couple of minutes with her new teacher and she told me, "she is a pro at school." She is a pro at rules and structure, so yes, a pro at school! None of our friends from last year are in our class which made us a little sad, but I feel certain she will make new friends quickly. 

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