October 11, 2013

Disney Cruise Recap: Castaway Cay

On Tuesday morning, we went to breakfast and this was our view! This is Castaway Cay which is a small private island in the Bahamas owned by Disney. It is set up just for their cruises to stop at and has a small staff living there consistently. They turn on the lights, so to speak.

While Abby and I ate breakfast, Marcus met a group of passengers so they could do a 5K on the island. We then took the shuttle from the boat to the middle of the island.

The characters joined us! Their scheduled appearances that day were on the island, rather than the boat.

The island is pretty amazing- roads for the shuttle buses; chairs, umbrellas and hammocks a plenty; two open air restaurants with large covered pavillions and picnic tables; an adult only area; soft drinks and ice cream; vendors for tube rentals, tshirts, sand pails, etc. And, all the food and drink was free as if you were on the island!

We met up with a very tired and sweaty Marcus and found ourselves water (we had packed our Tervis Tumblers) and set up camp under an umbrella. Marcus and Abby worked on a sand castle while I read my book. 

Being in the water was pretty amazing! It was so clear down to the bottom and little fish would swim around you. They also had a floating area in the ocean with a slide, waterfall, etc. Bigger kids seemed to love it! We packed Abby's inner tube and rented tubes for us. They were only $6 each, but didn't have good options for little kids. 

After a couple of hours together, we took Abby to the island kids club (just like on the boat) so that she could play in the sand, go to the splash pad, etc. and we could go to the quiet of the adult only beach, Serenity Bay.

Serenity Bay was amazing. Quiet. Calm. Not crowded at all. 

We sat in these chairs for about an hour. The Momma in me wanted to get back to Abby and make sure she was having fun, but looking back, I should have sat here a little longer. When will I ever see this clear water again? Just amazing.

Cheers to Castaway Cay! I hope I see you again!

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