October 10, 2013

Disney Cruise Recap: Key West

We boarded our ship in Galveston, Texas, on Saturday afternoon and arrived in Key West, Florida, on Monday late morning. There were not a ton of Key West excursions for kids and with just 5 hours in the city, we decided to check Abby into child care and explore on our own. 

We ported on a naval base, so we were shuttled into Mallory Square. It was the perfect place to be for our plans- walk around, eat seafood and eat something of the key lime variety. 

The area had some great art outside a museum.

And, some awesome regional homes. How Florida is this one?

And, how totally Southern is this one? Honestly, I could have the most fun on this porch and decorating for Christmas!

We took the recommendation of a friend and ate at Conch Republic Seafood Company. I had delicious Coconut Shrimp and Marcus ate the local special, fried Conch. He thought it tasted like beer battered shrimp with a more "rubbery" texture. It was served with a tasty orange marmalade sauce.

It was in the mid-80s, but super humid! This was our view at lunch. Not too bad. It sure beats my backyard when dining at the kitchen table. :)

After lunch, we walked across the street to the Key West Key Lime Shoppe.

They had the cutest little man outside holding a cold pie! We ended up sharing a key lime shortbread cookie and a big bottled water! We slowly worked our way back to the shuttle stop, but not before stopping at Kino Sandal Company. I have a friend who spends time every year in Key West and she brought me a pair of Kinos a few years ago. They are cute and super reasonable- I bought two pair for $29. It is a no frills shop- there are women behind the counter making the shoes as you shop.

On the shuttle back to the ship, we had the funniest shuttle driver!

He told us he wasn't really following the company's rules, but not to worry. Feel free to call and report him, he would like a few days off!

Over the shuttle (open windows like a trolley) system, he saw three women walking down the street and then he slowed down and made the trolley bounce a little while he hit on them over the PA. They took it really well laughing at him. Mind you, our driver was a good 60+ years old.

Finally, he had a lot of fun scaring a couple walking on the street. They were clearly tourists and walking with a map and camera. He came over the speaker system in his official tour guide voice explaining that although Key West is really safe, this particular street is known for voilent crimes. The couple looked at each other and then at the shuttle before realizing the joke.

We were back on the ship after about 3 hoursand were off to Castaway Cay, Disney's private island in the Bahamas. For more on our Disney cruise, click here.  

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