October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

I love the pumpkin patch in nearby Marble Falls and haven't missed a chance to take Abby since she was 10 months old. I wonder if I can convince her to sit in the pumpkins at age 16? ha! I am certain my years at the patch are numbered!

This year we went on Friday morning and met our little friends Ainsley and Caitlyn at the patch. We go to church with them and I am good friends with both of their Mommas. Abby was the big girl with these sweet little things.

It was cloudy and cool when we arrived and sunscreen was needed by the time we left!

Abby LOVES her new little boots! I bought them at Old Navy thinking she would love them since they are furry inside and she loves all things soft and comfy. She would live in her pajamas with a blanket wrapped around her if she could! She now asks to wear a dress and her boots everyday.

Ainsley and Caitlyn had on the cutest little Etsy outfits for the fall!

This was our first year to jump on the berry bounce. Ainsley (age 2) went first and after a little hesitation had fun jumping. Then, Caitlyn (2 in January) wanted a turn and started jumping. 

Abby was afraid, but after Caitlyn went inside the gate she said, "the baby is going to bounce?" She told me she was afraid but wanted to try, so we bought a ticket and she loved it. Peer pressure at it's best!

We were not happy when the bouncing was over!

But, it meant it was time to feed the goats and then walk under the street in the cool tunnel and go ride the train. She did love the train!

Our final stop- picking zinnias. For $3 they gave you some scissors and a plastic vase and you could pick everything you could fit in the vase. We picked about 10 flowers. I loved the bright colors and the tall flowering bushes against the blue sky!

And then we were off.... until next year. I may have to pull her out of school for a pumpkin patch adventure!

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