January 25, 2014

Bravest Girl

Abby has asked to jump on the special trampoline at the mall for a long time. We've watched other kids and always told her she could try it when she was 5. You only have to be 30 pounds, but we didn't her to jostle about or go too high.

She remembered when we were at the mall recently and we talked about doing it one night when both Marcus and I could be with her. So, today we met friends at the mall to ride the carousel and have lunch and the guy saw her looking and offered us a free ride since it was slow.

We called Marcus and her agreed provided I took a video of the whole thing. Abby was SO excited. She kept telling me she wanted to say hi to the people on the top floor of the mall. She took off her boots and they strapped her in!

And she laughed up and down the trampoline! The worker was having fun trying to fly her higher. She would laugh harder. And, people stopped and watched her JOY!

She even got high enough to talk to the people on the second floor!

I uploaded the full video here. I love her bravery and her sweet little laugh for a solid two minutes!

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