January 24, 2014

Dad's Top Golf Birthday

 For Christmas this year, we gave my Dad and Jacque a gift certificate to Top Golf. They had never heard of it so we agreed to play over lunch one day. We ended up playing this past week to celebrate Dad's birthday and had the most fun! It was in the mid-60s while we played and was nice and sunny!

Dad and Jacque are regular golfers so it comes as no surprise they beat us. The surprise- I beat Marcus on both games. I have zero golfing ability, but could consistently get 3-8 points in the same little area of the yellow "crater" that wasn't far away. It works for me. Marcus played around with different clubs, tried for big points by going deep and going all or nothing with his points. It was great fun to play well and beat him! We played a chipping game on our 3rd game and he beat me on that one.

I hope we get to play again- it is fun for real golfers and people like me who don't have a clue. It is heated, shaded, and they have great food and drinks while you play.

Case in point, we ended lunch with doughnut holes that you could inject with chocolate and/or raspberry sauce. What golf course brings that to you?

Happy Birthday Dad! You are the tops in my book!

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