January 03, 2014

Waco Zoo with Friends

The morning after Christmas, we drove to Waco with our friends to visit the Waco Zoo. Their girls have never been and we love the zoo! And, since our girls are the best of friends, it just made sense. Kyleigh was with us, which worked out perfectly to have another helper to corral three happy energetic girls!

It was nice to have someone there to snap a family picture for us! The giraffe photobombed us :)

The playground is always a big hit for Marcus, ahem, Abby. 

It was so fun to do the zoo with rookies. We first told the girls we were going to the tigers and Addison who is 4 freaked out. We realized she thought the zoo was like a petting zoo and she was scared to pet the tiger. Hilarious!

I had a new little friend most of the day. This girl is so funny and so much trouble! But, she is so cute and so loving, too.

I love Abby's smile in this picture! We are doing 5 year shots next week and I pray I get a picture like this from her. Her big smile and little chin dimple are too cute!

It was pretty cold for our trip- low 50s most of the time. It felt like winter and looked like fall with all the dying leaves on the ground.

We love visiting the zoo!

Afterward, we all had lunch at Ninfa's and drove home. Kyleigh and Abby fell asleep.... about 10 minutes from home. Isn't that always the case!

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