December 14, 2011

Baby Face- Christmas Dance Recital

Abby Lu had her first dance recital this morning and this picture pretty much sums it up! I am so glad our studio does a small and informal recital before the big one that costs money. Needless to say, we will not be participating in the more formal recital in the Spring.
They do the dance twice- to warm the kids up and to give the parents plenty of opportunity for photos and video. The video of Abby during the first dance is uploaded here. She melts as the song goes on- from standing to frowning to sitting to laying on the ground. It was comical to all of us watching. At the end when everyone claps, she loudly proclaims, "but I didn't dance?" as if the clapping were for her and she didn't deserve them.
The second time around she went from frowning to looking around to actually dancing. I always give her a thumbs up from the watching area when she does well and today she gave her teacher a thumbs up once she began dancing.
It is perplexing as she loves to dance, sings the song and shows us the moves all week long and then freezes. I didn't expect her to dance- I just laughed it off this morning. I tried to set the expectations pretty low for my Mom and Marcus who were in the crowd!
Abby really loves Ms. Bree and Ms. Sarah her teachers. They are getting to know her and pushing her more each time. We did see the 2 year old class and it confirmed- Abby is too old for that class. They looked like babies in diapers!

Our friends Natalie and Michael were there to cheer Abby and our other friends on and we had a celebratory lunch afterward!
Parenting is humbling, an adventure, and definitely makes me laugh. Oh Abby Lu!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you can accept her the way she is. I laughed at the video, but at the same time I felt sorry for her. Glad the second time went better.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is Mimi!

Melissa said...

Cutie pie! You never the spring, she could be le petite ballerina!

Tabriah said...

Poor Baby. She is so cute! She could love to do all those things to entertain herself and you and her daddy but not like to perform for a crowd. I can understand that! I am glad she enjoyed it the second time around a little more!
Either way, she is simply adorable!

The Gumpls said...

It was the cutest performance and I will never forget it! We were laughing and crying at the same time along with you!Love her go get'm personality!


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