December 03, 2011

Me and My Daddy

My Daddy and I had a special date night this week. Mommy had a meeting, so we went to our favorite Starbucks for a party and then we played at chip-a-lay (Chick-fil-A). It was noisy and there were lots of boys on the playground, so I just sat and watched with my Daddy! I can do the big slide now, but I don't like to if there are other kids around.
My Daddy is also teaching my tae-kwon-do. I love the Yo Gabba Gabba episode where the girl shows her talent of breaking a board so I asked Daddy to show me how to hi-ya and kick.
We keep practicing. I am good at hitting my hand down on the other hand and kicking my leg.
I am one lucky girl with a really cool Daddy.

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