December 22, 2011

Responsibility Chart

I saw another blogger with a child about Abby's age implement a responsibility chart and wanted to see if Abby would take to it as well as her son did. I didn't want to invest a lot of money so I thought about what we work with her on the most and made a simple Excel spreadsheet for her. I bought cheap smiling face stickers at Mardel and 4 treats from the dollar spot at Target. Pardon the extra Sunday column- I guess I did it a little too fast!

I introduced the chart when she did one of the responsibilities. I gave her a sticker for her hand and told her about her responsibilities and placed the second sticker on her chart. We started on Friday, Mom used it over the weekend and then yesterday morning, something magical happened. I was doing her laundry and she came running into the laundry room and told me to stop. She said, " I want to help you so that I can get a sticker". Heaven to a Mom's ears!


She loves to count her stickers and last night we discussed she was only 1 sticker away from a treat. She could get her treat first thing in the morning if she stayed in bed until "Raider" turns green. Raider is her alarm clock that turns green at the time we set, 7 AM. She ran into my room at 7:02 to announce Raider was green and she earned a treat! She selected a small orange slinky and all morning has told me "thank you for my treat". I love that she is old enough for this type of concept and we can work on her responsibilities with a goal in mind each week.
Way to go Abby- we are so proud of you!

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~kristi said...

Please send me a pic of the alarm clock. Need one of those!


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