June 15, 2012

Our Week- A Random Post

Look at my yellow lantanas! So excited to see them blooming and growing over the wall. I wish I had a green thumb and a green yard! We ended up hiring a lawn service- our yard was so bad and we just couldn't get it turned around. I felt like we were wasting money, doing treatments at the wrong time, you name it. It is getting there! We have lots of retired neighbors and I know they must think our big corner lot is wasted on us kids!

Abby is growing like a weed! Seriously, so many unworn clothes in the hand me down bin. We really skipped the 3T size and moved into 4T and more 5s for dresses. She is tall (the first thing everyone notices about her) and she has a thick build. She is muscular! A bunch of her shorts are tight around her thighs- strange. On top of that, we are now a size 9 shoe. I love her new converse and a fun new pair of jellys from Baby Gap.

We have had a low key week in preparation for next week- VBS! I am working on grade school crafts and am happy to report that are planned, prepped and ready for the kids. Please pray that our church would have a powerful VBS and the volunteers would be blessed for serving. I have wanted to serve at VBS for years and am happy to do it this year for the first time!

This morning we went to the park and splash pad with our friend Cora and her little sister Carys. Abby had a wonderful time and it was really nice to do something one-on-one with another Mom and not a big group. 

We decided not to put Abby in MDO this summer at the last minute. I had too many concerns and our schedule didn't seem to warrant school every week. So, we had a Shelby from our church come over to play with Abby on Tuesday and Thursday this week. It was perfect! Abby got to play all morning and was happy to see me in the afternoon. 

We are loving swimming after Daddy gets home from work, too! It is a great summer so far!

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Melissa said...

We had fun, too!! Let's do it again soon!


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