June 12, 2012

Show Week at The Little Gym

Abby had her final performance for family and friends at The Little Gym last Friday. We signed up for the summer session, so it felt mid-stream to us! But, it was fun timing since Kyleigh was here and Abby could show off her skills!

We started Little Gym in March after leaving dance class and I was so amazed at how much better Abby did. That never changed- she did as much or more than the other kids at show week and many of them have been going all school year. She has shown determination, courage, and pride in her work.

The balance beam terrified her in March. This time, she did it! She didn't bend over or do high kicks, but she walked across it! I was laughing because just before she jumped off, she told Ms. Michelle, "don't let me hit my head".

After their performances, they had about 10 minutes of free play time and Abby showed Marcus how she can swing on the little bars.

She loved running and jumping around with her Daddy there!

 Kyleigh got into the action, too!

Here is most of her sweet class of Funny Bugs (the name for 3-4 year olds). Notice her medal is on her like a beauty queen sash :) She corrected us that it was rescue pack- thanks Diego!

I am super proud of her and she is pretty proud of herself, too!


Mimi said...

Mimi is proud of her, too. I hope I can come to one of her shows.

~kristi said...

I cannot believe how big she is getting. So who's going to ride roller coasters with her? Brave kid.


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