June 28, 2012

VBS 2012

Working full time I always wished I could be involved in VBS at my church. This year I was able to jump in and help out and while I was tired and got sick from all the kids, I am so glad I did it!

Because I was a worker, Abby was able to go. VBS technically starts at age 4, but her little class was all her friends (since their Moms are our friends and they were working, too!) and they did crafts, went to worship, and played outside. She had the most fun!

I volunteered in the grade school crafts room. My role was to design, purchase and prep all of the crafts for the kids in 1st to 6th grade. In that range, there were almost 300 kids! We had two big craft rooms like this!

These were my inexpensive centerpieces :) Every table had one of these all hot glued together! The q-tips were to help kids spread glue. 

Thursday night of VBS week they had family fun night with inflatables outside! After Abby Lu joined the kids to sing on stage (bold move!) she enjoyed cotton candy, face painting and jumping!

That girl loves the big slides!

That night our buddy Michael's big sister accepted Jesus into her heart so we took Michael to play with us. Sweet kiddos! I hope they fall in love with Jesus and accept Him into their hearts, too!

Marcus flew back from his business trip to Chicago in time to juggle. Abby wanted him all to herself after missing him for 4 days! She pushed the other kids away- that is my Daddy!

What a fun week at VBS!

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Mimi said...

I am so glad you and Abby had a great week at VBS. You are making such wonderful memories that nothing can replace. Abby must be proud that her daddy can do something that the other daddies can't: juggle!


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