August 09, 2012

New Baby Cousin

Our new baby cousin Harrison was born on Tuesday and we got to visit him on Wednesday morning. Abby kept calling him "Baby Caroline", the last newborn we saw in the hospital.

His Mom Kristi was my closest cousin growing up. She is a busy homeschooling Momma to 4 kids now, so we don't see each other much, but I feel certain when the kids are older, we'll get more playtime of our own!

Harrison is a wonderful family name- it was the middle name of my grandfather. It happens to be a famous actor's name in a movie that her husband loves which doesn't hurt!

Here is Bella, Abby Lu, and Landry with Harrison. Take note that my 3.5 year old is the same size as 7 year  old Landry. Kristi isn't 5 feet tall so I'm guessing Landry is petite. My oh my!

1 comment:

~kristi said...

Granny called me the other day to tell me Uncle Chuck called her to tell her Leonard's middle name was Harrison. I had no idea it was a family name. When you blogged this I figured you meant it was on Marcus' side. It is also on Ben's side as a maiden name too.
Glad you came to visit us.


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